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Tips for Making Positive Phone Calls to Parents

Published on April 18, 2019

“Did you hear the good news?” Calling a parent to share positive feedback about their kid is a great way to start a relationship with them. Are you calling with good news on a regular basis? If not, this advice may help you create your own strategy for revving up your calls.

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Join the Thousands of Educators Who Found a Better Way to Talk to Parents

Published on March 06, 2019

Cloud-based education platforms have revolutionized the way teachers communicate with students in the classroom, making it instantaneous and more effortless than ever. But what if technology could revolutionize how teachers communicate with parents in that same way?

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Half of Teachers Miss 10+ Days of School Annually

Published on September 29, 2017

Student absenteeism is obviously a factor in how well a child does in school. Turns out, teacher absenteeism is also a leading factor in student outcomes. Published studies reveal interesting findings about teachers who miss school. Some trends in teacher absenteeism are surprising, and not all are easily explained.

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Teachers, are you tired? 7 Lifestyle Tips to Fight Classroom Fatigue

Published on April 12, 2017

Teachers, the struggle is real. Kids have all the energy. It’s not fair, but it’s a fact.

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Fake News: Be the Unicorn You Wish to See in the World

Published on February 08, 2017

Once upon a time, you could have a conversation with a kid that went like this:

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The Modern Educator | Stephanie Cotnam

Published on November 01, 2016

Data-driven. Passionate. Analytical. Innovative. That's you. That's the Modern Educator. You recognize that being an educator means using data and technology to see the unique story and experience of each child.  

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The Old School Code of Silence

Published on April 20, 2016

You are in fifth grade. The last bell rings, and as your herd is trampling into the hall, YOUR MOM suddenly appears right there at Mrs. Harper’s classroom door. Oh, the sheer panic, as you murmur Why is SHE here, but let’s be honest, you already know what you did, and now you are busted.

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Smoke, Mirrors, and Communicating with Kids

Published on April 11, 2016

I asked my mother once if there was a secret to handling children. “Parenting is mostly distraction and sleight of hand,” she responded.

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Improving Slow Internet in Rural Schools

Published on April 01, 2016

As online education tools become the norm, what happens to those rural schools without reliable Internet access?

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