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What Data-Driven Educators Use Instead of a Call Log

Published on October 17, 2018

If my friends and I wanted to talk to each other at school, we either passed notes or had to impatiently wait until lunch or recess.

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Who Holds the Key to Chronic Absence? Parents.

Published on June 30, 2017

A child attends school anywhere between 175-180 days a year, and some absences are to be expected in the case of illness, family emergencies, etc… but did you know that missing just two days a month can hinder your child’s education?

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Teacher Talk on Teacher Evaluations

Published on December 21, 2016

When I reflect on my past teaching experience and evaluation process, I truly had no idea exactly what my principal wanted from me.

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6 Gifts Teachers Actually Want

Published on May 03, 2016

Since 1984, the National PTA has designated the first full week in May as Teacher Appreciation Week, a time to celebrate teachers across the country who work so hard to educate and inspire our children.

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