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Peter Bencivenga

Peter is the President of Operoo, which helps schools and districts streamline operational tasks through process automation and digital workflow management. Before joining Operoo in 2019, Peter was the Founder and CEO of education software company, DataCation, which he started in 2009. DataCation grew quickly from usage in five NYC schools to over 700 NYC schools and hundreds of districts in six years. In September of 2015, DataCation merged with Longleaf Solutions to form IO Education, where Peter worked as its Chief Academic Officer. Before becoming an EdTech entrepreneur, Peter was a Technology Coordinator and teacher for the NYCDOE, where he worked for over 16 years. Peter also serves on the board of, and as a trusted advisor to, several educational organizations — including The Writing Revolution — and holds a Master’s Degree from the New York Institute of Technology.
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Life Lessons in Travel: the importance and necessity of school trips

Published on March 30, 2022

It's Spring and with the warmer weather comes opportunities to get back out into the world. What will this be like for students after two years where nothing was normal? I’ve been thinking about my own school experience and my fourth-grade teacher Ms. Gelda at P.S. 97 Highlawn School in New York. Like most of us, I had many elementary school teachers, but Ms. Gelda is the one I have the fondest memories of. Why did this fourth-grade teacher have such an impact on me? Of all the teachers I had growing up, what made her special?

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SchoolStatus Wins 2022 Top Ed Tech Product of the Year

SchoolStatus Wins Top EdTech Product of 2022 January 6, 2022 | District Administration

Top product: SchoolStatus Communication Platform featuring Video ChatA SaaS platform that enables two-way, secure communication between school and home informed by comprehensive, real-time student and district data.

2022 Edtech Predictions—New Year, New Promises

SchoolStatus CEO Russ Davis Talks Predictions for 2022 January 4, 2022 | eSchoolNews

In this edition of Getting There: Innovations in Education Podcast, Seven ways education can change for the better | 64 bets on how tech will benefit students, parents, and teachers this year | How asynchronous video provides special complements to in-person instruction.

4 predictions for 2022: Communications, edtech and data will drive student success

SchoolStatus CEO Russ Davis Talks Predictions for 2022 December 16, 2021 | District Administration

With more in-depth data, educators can be more informed about their students.During the COVID pandemic, technology served as a lifeline for educators and students.Educators rose to the challenge and built their skills and knowledge in using digital platforms, and communicating with students and families virtually to keep students engaged and learning.

Parents Are the New Customer in EdTech

EdTech Today with Marcus Kingsley April 16, 2021 | EdTech Today

While some parents are poised to be more involved than ever before, other parents have been lost. SchoolStatus is set to further reinforce its position as the leading platform for data-informed communication.

4 Tips to Streamline Parent Engagement

parent-teacher-engagement March 29, 2021 | eSchool News

COVID has made simple and consistent parent-teacher engagement a bit more challenging, but not impossible--here are some tips.

How home visits help boost early literacy in Mississippi

EDUCATION INSPIRATION February 9, 2021 | DistrictAdmin

"I always ask, 'What can we as a school district do to help your child with reading," Mississippi superintendent says.

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