3 Ways ChatGPT Can Help with Your School Communications

Everybody's talking about ChatGPT and how it's going to impact what happens in the classroom.

But what about all the other ways we generate information in schools? Sure, ChatGPT might make writing that essay on symbolism in MacBeth a whole lot easier (which makes grading a whole lot harder!) But there are real positives to our new AI pal and we should embrace it as the gift that it is: a free personal teaching assistant. The one who does the research, drafts the initial materials, finds all the source materials, and just generally carries out the grunt work.

In other words, ChatGPT can save you a whole lotta time.

ChatGPT and lesson plans

Just like the student who turns to ChatGPT for that MacBeth essay, teachers can use it to get a jump on lesson-planning. It's just a question of defining what you want. Let's say you're teaching about the Lenape. Here are a series of prompts for your teaching assistant:

  1. What are the 5 most important Lenape cultural traditions? Include primary and secondary sources.
  2. What are 5 educational resources about Lenape cultural traditions appropriate for 4th grade students?
  3. Write a lesson plan about Lenape cultural traditions for 4th graders. Include an authentic activity with basic materials.

You might have to put in some revision time, but you've got yourself the building blocks for a great lesson (or unit, or a project, or a specific assessment).

Asking ChatGPT for lesson plan ideas

ChatGPT and Family Communications

One of the really cool things about ChatGPT is its memory. Let's say you're sending a weekly update to families on Friday. Ask your teaching assistant to compile it for you!

  • Ask for a brief summary of lessons from the week.
  • Ask for a paragraph with bullet points detailing the main ideas of the week's unit with three "Ask Me About" questions. 
  • Link to any resources you've pulled from ChatGPT over the course of the week.
  • Ask for engaging social media posts for Facebook/Twitter or wherever you post your weekly update.

It's not that you couldn't do this yourself; it's that your AI assistant can save time by doing it for you in mere seconds.

ChatGPT and that One Parent...

Every class seems to come with that one home adult who's overzealous with emails/texts or otherwise pushes the boundaries. Figuring out how to respond without alienating them is an excellent way to build diplomacy skills... But now you don't have to struggle alone. There's a free handy-dandy assistant available 24/7 who never feels impatient. Here are ways it can help you:

  1. Feed the offending email to ChatGPT and ask it to write a polite but firm response explaining why the request isn't possible.
  2. Ask ChatGPT to write a broadcast email to all parents/caregivers explaining the hours you're available to talk and when to expect responses to emails/text. Then, ask it to write a polite follow up to a parent who is making unreasonable demands on your time.
  3. Just can't find the right words to describe why a student's behavior is driving you nuts? Ask your assistant to craft a text or email explaining to a parent why it's not ok for a student to X, Y, or Z in your class.

Again, some editing will be required, but personalizing a written text is a lot quicker than writing it from scratch.

Asking ChatGPT to compose email

Teachers shoulder a lot of responsibility. Student teachers, while great, often add to the workload. But ChatGPT? Why not take advantage of a free, always available assistant to help you stay in communication with families?! Because the more you communicate with families, the more successful their students will be.

Want proof? Just ask ChatGPT! 

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