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Thank you for sharing your 2022 with all of us at SchoolStatus! We value you as our partner and as our company continues to grow, we look forward to all of the ways we can help make your 2023 even better. We wanted to take a moment to recognize your commitment to your students and to let you know how honored we are to share your successes with you. Happy Holidays! 

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SchoolStatus is ending the year on an exciting note! We’ve expanded our family of products to meet all of your district’s needs. Have you heard? SchoolStatus acquired Smore, the leader in K12 email newsletters. We are here to help you send beautiful, informative newsletters that your families actually want to read. No more newsletters that sit in inboxes unopened. Smore is here to make sure your families have the latest information for your district. An informed parent is an involved parent!
Want to know more about Smore? Check out our latest press release for everything you need to know about SchoolStatus and Smore. 

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It’s not only the end of a semester, it’s the holiday season! Need an easy, effective way to spread happiness and good cheer? Use SchoolStatus to send positive messages. There is no greater gift to parents and families than hearing good news about their students. Let them know about all of those grade improvements, about their kindness in class, or any other highlight that would make a parent’s day. Need a little inspiration? Our User Spotlight, Monica Olivias uses SchoolStatus all the time to share positivity with families. Let her be your inspiration for getting started:
I LOVE having SchoolStatus as a communication line to communicate positive things with parents. I use it for all teacher needs to communicate important school information or reminders. I love sharing pictures of students with an award they received, cute, themed day pictures, and my most favorite is when I send a picture of their child's smiling face who is proud of their work. 
Need even more inspiration? Check out Monica’s tweets about using SchoolStatus to show parents the big improvements in her students’ grades. 

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Have you received your new teaching schedule for Spring 2023? Don’t forget to take a quick scroll through your SchoolStatus settings before you head out for winter break. Setting your office hours allows families to contact you during specific times of the day. Phone calls during your planning hour? Great! Phone calls at home during family dinner? Maybe not so much. Make sure you are only getting calls when you’ll be set up for productive conversations!

Need a refresher on your SchoolStatus settings, including setting office hours? Check out our help article to get you going.

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Coaching programs can be a game changer at your district, and TeachBoost CEO and co-founder Jason DeRoner knows exactly how to take coaching to the next level. 

Check out his latest article in eSchool News to read more about his 6 key elements for building a successful coaching program in your district. 


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There is no better way to start the new year than to learn more about all of the neat tricks and tools in SchoolStatus. Have you visited our Learning Lab lately? Our Learning Lab has had a makeover this year with new videos and topics to help you get the most out of your SchoolStatus account.

Check out this help article to access the Learning Lab today!

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Do you love SchoolStatus? Do you love swag and opportunities to contribute to social media and online events? Well, we have the opportunity to join our SchoolStatus Scholars program! 
We are currently accepting applications for our 2023 scholars. 

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We have a fresh new lineup of webinars ready for the new year! Want to know more about SchoolStatus and our family of products? It’s been a busy year of expanding our offerings and we want to start the new year by discussing some of our latest features and products. Grab your coffee and come and join us for one of our 15-minute webinars.

Click the links below to sign up for our upcoming webinars:

January 11: Equitable Communication Matters. How to Ensure your District is Reaching Everyone with SchoolStatus

February 15: TeachBoost Coach: Transform your District's Coaching Program

March 15: Why You Should Add Non-Instructional Staff to TeachBoost Pro

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Do you have plans to curl up in your pajamas with a mug of hot cocoa while watching movies over and over again? Class Dismissed is here with a few suggestions that are not only entertaining but motivating. Get fired up about teaching in 2023 with seven movies that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own couch.

Listen to Class Dismissed Episode 234 for the list.

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SchoolStatus continues to grow and we’ve added another face to our Customer Success team. Meet our newest Implementation Manager, Becky Lee! 

I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the team at SchoolStatus and to help school districts take advantage of all that the SchoolStatus platform offers them and their school community. I’ve been in education for over ten years – as an adult education teacher, a mentor and a team leader, and a professional learning specialist. My career has included time in classrooms in St. Louis, MO, and Washington, DC, and abroad in Azerbaijan and Vietnam. I now reside in Granville, Ohio where my husband Matt teaches Data Analytics at Denison University and we raise our young son, Isaac.

Want to be our NEXT employee spotlight? Check out our list of career postings today and see if SchoolStatus is a good fit for you and your career goals! 

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