How To Improve Fall Attendance

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Current statistics show us that chronic absenteeism is a major issue for schools and districts, but we can take steps to prevent it at the beginning of the school year.

  • Start by improving the school climate to foster school-connectedness. 
  • Coordinate your approach with communication and data measurement tools to unite the education community from the district to the classroom level.

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Every back-to-school season, students walk through the doors with new hopes, dreams, and potential....

...when they walk through the doors.

The truth is that absenteeism is casting a shadow over our students' futures. The good news? Now is the perfect time to take preventive steps against it.

The current facts on chronic absenteeism hurt.

18 million students missed 10% of their school year last year.

And the financial impact is hurting our schools and districts.

District funding is often tied to average daily attendance (ADA).

As chronic absenteeism increases, schools face greater financial challenges.

The bottom line is that improving attendance is not only needed for our students. It is needed for the success of our schools.

So what are we missing?

One key to fixing absenteeism is to fix the school climate first.

Studies show students attend school more often when they feel they belong. The name for this is school-connectedness. We can create it when we show students their attendance matters to someone in the building.

Help build a positive climate to take the first step toward school-connectedness.

Coordinate The Approach

Improve the school climate with coordinated communication for everyone, including the students.

A great parent-school communication platform will help. SchoolStatus automates attendance tracking, reports, and provides real-time data for at-risk students. It can unite the education community, from the district down to the classroom level.

Using the right tools together, we can help students feel more motivated to attend.

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Internal Image 8 - The Top 7 Parent-Teacher Communication Tools To Combat Absenteeism

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