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Wahoo is a small, rural district in Nebraska that serves over one thousand PreK-12 students. Similar to your district, the staff at Wahoo are deeply invested in the community and the academic success of their students. That’s why Wahoo administrators turned to TeachBoost when they wanted a proactive, growth-focused evaluation tool.

Read more about Wahoo’s success story and how they turned teacher evaluations into an opportunity for professional growth with TeachBoost.

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Did you know that the average New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) school spends over $45,000 per year distributing, collecting, and collating just the paper-based elements of student registration? We have a hunch, all of that paper, toner, and manpower is affecting your district budget too. Wouldn’t you like to use those funds for something else?

Operoo can help you streamline and automate your registration and onboarding process. By embracing Operoo's digital practices, you can deliver a simplified registration and onboarding experience that you, your staff, and your parents will love: from the distribution and collection of forms, data tracking, and communicating with prospective families, to onboarding new and returning students.

Want to know how Operoo transformed NYCDOE’s experience with registration? Check out the case study here!


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It’s a new year and a new opportunity to see what EdTech has up its sleeves in 2023. eSchoolNews asked leaders in the industry for their predictions for the next 12 months and what impact EdTech will have on classrooms across the country. 

What did SchoolStatus CEO, Russ Davis have to say about the coming year for communications? Check out the article to find out!

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2022 was a great year for parent/teacher/district communication! Instead of scrolling through Twitter to see what worked last year, Smore compiled a list of the best tips and tricks to get families to read newsletters and respond to communications. 

Check out the list and see what methods can transform your communication strategies with students and their families this year!


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The key to academic success is getting parents and families invested and involved. However, sometimes it’s easier said than done. SchoolStatus offers you all of the tools you need to contact parents and we also offer tips for how to get them more engaged and responsive.

Read our latest blog post for a list of best practices for engaging parents so they are more involved this semester.

Call, text, and email all offer easy ways to engage families and keep them up-to-date on the everyday happenings in your district. Adding SchoolStatus Video Chat offers even more communication opportunities and additional layers of documentation when teachers and families need it most. 


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Read this latest article in eSchool News by SchoolStatus Director of Customer Success, Leslie Ortego. She breaks down why Video Chat features are so important for building teacher/family relationships for better academic outcomes.

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Are you heading to New Orleans for FETC? We would love it if you stopped by our booth to say, “hi”! Come and grab some swag and learn more about SchoolStatus, Operoo, TeachBoost, Smore, and SI&A.

We hope to see you January 23-26th in New Orleans!

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Need a quick coffee break? We have the perfect opportunity to rest, relax, and learn more about SchoolStatus. Once a month, we offer our Webinar Wednesday series to teach you about our products, answer questions, and discuss important K12 topics. So grab that coffee and hang out with us for 15 minutes! 

Click the links below to sign up for our upcoming webinars:

February 15: TeachBoost Coach: Transform your District's Coaching Program

March 15: Why You Should Add Non-Instructional Staff to TeachBoost Pro

April 12: Create a Newsletter Parents Actually Want to Read: Introducing Smore!

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Have you heard about Chat GPT? It’s at the center of a lot of K12 discussions lately. Is this a new shortcut for students or should it be embraced in classrooms of the future?

Join Class Dismissed as we break down Chat GPT and discuss the positives and negatives of having it available in the classroom. 

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At SchoolStatus our product line is growing and we want you to get to know all of the incredible people behind your favorite tools. Meet Julie Ebling, one of our Customer Success Managers at TeachBoost! Julie is here to answer all of your questions about teacher observations and growing your coaching programs.

Hi everyone! My name is Julie, and I am a customer success manager specializing in TeachBoost. I love being a part of the SchoolStatus team and providing my clients with a unified system for evaluation and coaching that is customized to their unique needs. I started my career as a kindergarten teacher in NYC before moving to other roles in the education space including instructional coach, assistant principal, and education consultant for a national nonprofit.

When I’m not supporting district leaders in optimizing their observation workflows and analyzing teacher effectiveness, I can be found spending time with my husband and our young daughter, Elliott at our home in York, Pennsylvania. I’m excited to partner with you to positively impact student outcomes! 

Want to be our NEXT employee spotlight? Check out our list of career postings today and see if SchoolStatus is a good fit for you and your career goals!

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