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Every day, educators use SchoolStatus to break down communication barriers. With our call, messaging, email, and video chat features, there are endless opportunities to present parents with the data they need to make sure their child succeeds. 

Check out EdTech Digest’s latest interview with our founder and CEO, Russ Davis, to learn more about SchoolStatus’s humble beginnings and how better communication between parents and teachers can drive student success.

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SchoolStatus has all of the tools you need to have meaningful conversations with parents. This includes breaking down language barriers so teachers and families have the opportunity to discuss important topics without confusion.

SchoolStatus automatically translates your messages and emails to a contact’s preferred language. Our translation feature helps bridge the equity gap so all students have as much support as possible at school and home.

Want to know more? Check out our help articles on translation!


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Data science is a powerful asset when promoting teaching effectiveness and student achievement. In the latest episode of Teaching Matters, LaToya Blackshear, Director of Planning and Evaluation for Jackson Public Schools (JPS), and Dr. Joy Smithson, Director of Data Science Research at SchoolStatus, discuss how data science has been implemented at JPS.

Listen to Teaching Matters for more information on Jackson Public School’s success with data science implementation and how it will progress in educational settings.


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Our founder and CEO, Russ Davis, has been busy lately! SchoolStatus continues to grow and seeks to answer questions in the EdTech community surrounding communication, data, and student support. You already know why SchoolStatus is such an important resource for your district, but there’s always so much more to learn about data-driven communication with your students and their families.

Read the latest about SchoolStatus in THE Journal to see Russ’ answers to seven important questions about our growth and all of the latest features at SchoolStatus!


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Did you know that Operoo can save you hundreds of hours on district workflows? There is perhaps no better example of how Operoo can transform your district than this case study of New York’s Warwick Valley Central School District. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Warwick Valley Central had a 16% intake increase in kindergarten registration. This district saved time and money by having families complete important kindergarten forms using Operoo.

Want to know more? Read this case study on Warwick Valley Central School District to see how Operoo can transform your district, too!


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Instructional coaches ensure teachers are supported in their classrooms every single day. But did you know that adding data to your coaching programs could significantly improve your district’s academic outcomes? Last month, TeachBoost published the 2022 Coaching Impact Report and revealed that many districts do not have adequate tools for evaluating the impact of their coaching programs.

Check out TeachBoost’s latest article in Getting Smart to read a breakdown of the report and view solutions to improve your district’s instructional coaching.


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Did you know that SchoolStatus offers monthly webinars? One Wednesday each month we dive into SchoolStatus tutorials and current topics important to educators. Our webinars are only fifteen minutes and offered multiple times to work around your busy schedule. Check out our current offerings and sign up!

November 15: Please Leave a Message after the Beep: How to engage with disengaged parents

December 7: Transform your District with Operoo: Workflows made easy!

January 11: Equitable Communication Matters. How to ensure your district is reaching everyone with SchoolStatus


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Teaching isn’t all fun and games… or is it? Educators have always used activities and games to make learning an enjoyable experience for their students. But what does that look like in the twenty-first century? 

Listen to Class Dismissed, Episode 230, to learn more about gaming in the classroom and how it can improve your students’ memorization and learning skills.


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SchoolStatus and TeachBoost have added another face to our Customer Success team. Meet our latest TeachBoost Customer Success Manager, Patrick Donahue! He is here to make sure that your teacher observations are easy and effective. We are excited to welcome him to our team!

I’m excited to be here at SchoolStatus and to work closely with the districts/schools using TeachBoost. In my professional career, I’ve spent time in the classroom, district office and in the educational technology realm. Outside of work, I love watching any sporting event, cooking and walking my dog, Jett. My wife and I welcomed our first child, Sanford, last month. I’m thrilled to work with you all and continue to impact student success!

Want to be our NEXT employee spotlight? Check out our list of career postings today and see if SchoolStatus is a good fit for you and your career goals!


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