No more 'he said, she said.' See an auditable trail of all parent-teacher communications.

We track and record everything. So if a compliance claim is made, you can always refer back to the data.

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Auditable comms trail

In the event of a dispute, it's important you have access to the data you need right away

Here are the types of data we keep a log of on SchoolStatus

Calls with parents and families

Every call with parents or family will be recorded. This will help avoid "he said, she said" conversations.

Student disciplines and absences

Every time a student is suspended or expelled, it's tracked. This type of data can help Administrators navigate sensitive conversations with parents or stakeholders.

Photo proof

Say a student gets injured during school hours, teachers can immediately send a photo to the parent. This will help avoid any miscommunication that typically takes place during verbal or text conversations.

Easily accessible insights

With our data insights, you'll always have a pulse of how your district is doing. This data is beneficial in the event stakeholders ask compliance related questions.

Get peace of mind to help you reach your district goals faster while staying compliant

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I love that I can text parents when it may be inconvenient to call. I also love that there is a record of engagement history to access past communication with parents. Being able to search for assessment results is also great.”

Brittany V, School Counselor