Understand who is most at-risk and communicate with parents to reduce the achievement gap

With SchoolStatus you can pinpoint those students most adversely impacted and engage their family to address the learning loss right away.

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Identify and help at-risk students

Pinpoint students who are most adversely impacted

Multiple Data Sources Highlight Trends

Data to understand learning loss is likely in multiple data silos: Student Information System, Assessments files and multiple Benchmark programs. Integrate all data points in one place to find gaps in student achievement.

Identify At-Risk Students

At-risk students are more adversely affected by COVID closures. Real-time data like absences, infractions, low/failing grades, and socioeconomic factors can identify specific students for intervention.

Measure with Current and Past Data

Without recent state assessment data, utilize benchmarks and formative assessments in addition to historical state assessments as a measurement of where students are today, relative to where they've been.

Engage Parents to Address the Gap

Addressing learning loss starts with providing parents consistent updates on their child's progress. Build parent engagement through 1 to 1, data-informed conversations and begin to decrease the achievement gap immediately.

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“Before using SchoolStatus, the thought of contacting parents was very intimidating. SchoolStatus has helped me overcome that fear, and now I communicate with parents several times a week! I can broadcast a general message to all parents at one time.”

Erin B, High School Teacher