Features of Notify for Mass Notification

District-Wide Mass Notifications

District-Wide Mass Notifications

Whether it's inclement weather, a security threat, or a special announcement, Notify helps administrators get important messages out to all stakeholders, as soon as possible.

Message Delivery Options

Message Delivery Options

Length, subject matter, and timeliness are all factors to consider when choosing how best to communicate with your audience. Senders can select one or more methods of delivery for their communication including call, text, and email.

Preferred Language

Email & Text in Preferred Language

E-mails and texts can be translated into the recipient's preferred language eliminating a significant barrier that can hinder inclusivity and trust. Language translations provide greater communication equity within your district.

Schedule Messages

Schedule Messages

Schedule district-wide messaging for peace of mind. Plan messages in advance so parents receive them at the optimal time.

Automate Attendance Notifications

Automate Attendance Notifications

Reduce the potential for absenteeism and help parents understand the importance of their child being in school every day. A missed class is a missed learning opportunity that is costly for students and the district.

Audience Selection

Simple Audience Selection

Simplify audience selection to just those people who need to know. Whether updating staff to an impromptu meeting or alerting a grade-level to a field trip change, Notify makes specifying your audience easy.


Mass Messaging Just Got Easier

Notify - Mass Messaging Communication Tools from SchoolStatusNotify extends your communication capabilities with call, text, email and social media posts to your entire district. Whether it’s an emergency, attendance, or a special announcement, Notify relays your important messages to the right people, right away.

1) Select Audience

2) Compose Message

3) Schedule/Send

Download the Notify Flyer to Share with Your District Tech and Communication Leaders

Customer quote


We want as many ways to reach parents as possible. Our teachers LOVE SchoolStatus, using it to document contact and support. The ability to reach ALL parents on a campus or the whole district is important as our ‘normal’ changes. --Dr. Charla Rudd, Assistant Superintendent

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Five Clicks

Five clicks...that is what it takes to communicate with every parent in our district using SchoolStatus's new mass communication tool. SchoolStatus has made it virtually effortless to reach all parents in our district utilizing a single platform. Teachers in our district have used SchoolStatus as the main form of communication with parents, and the administrative team has used it to send out both school-specific and district-wide announcements. The ability to be able to send and document communications with parents has never been easier. --Jill Melton, Technology Coordinator

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