SchoolStatus Joined Pledge 1%, and You Should Too

Pledge 1% is a global movement to create a new normal where giving back is baked into the DNA of companies (of all sizes) from the very beginning. Russ Davis, Founder & CEO of SchoolStatus, elected to pledge 1% of company time to the movement.

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"SchoolStatus has a lovely staff who make the experience of using the product easy and manageable. I have been able to use SchoolStatus to manage various types of data that includes attendance, parent communication, performance data, etc.

Jorgell J, Curriculum/Federal Programs Director

The collective impact of giving back 1%

We're giving all employees 30 minutes every week to volunteer at the charity of their choice, paid for by SchoolStatus. We're expecting 100% participation and if everyone gives 1% of their time, we'll have given 825 hours by the end of the year.



It is our belief that we were put on this earth to help one another. Our founder, Russ Davis, attributes his lucky breaks in life to having someone offer him help to reach his next goal. From starting SchoolStatus to adding the first customers, raising the first round of funding, someone, in fact several people, gave him a helping hand so that he could realize a dream.


Give Back

Simply put, when we can help someone who is in need, we should try. When someone asks Russ for help with a business problem or for his expertise in starting a new business venture, he will almost always say yes. He does this because, in the end, that's how he got where he is today. Where will we go from here?