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SchoolStatus removes the communication barriers between school and home by connecting educators and parents: 

  •  in their language
  • through their preferred means of communicating—phone, text, e-mail and video chat

  • with two-way, data-informed conversations that drive student success

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[VIDEO] SchoolStatus has everything you need to have data-informed conversations with parents. And so much more.



Can Technology Transform Teacher-Parent Communication?

'Research has shown that simply providing access to information via online gradebooks has almost no effect on student outcomes, largely because very few parents ever use these tools. In contrast, a growing literature documents the positive impacts of sending information about grades, missing assignments, or absences directly to parents through automated notifications. Several of these studies find that proactively pushing information and guidance to parents is particularly effective at improving outcomes among students from low-income families and students of color and that effects become more pronounced as information and guidance is tailored to individual students’ needs.'

Excerpt from Research conducted by Matthew A. Kraft and Alexander Bolves, Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University

SchoolStatus Acquires Operoo


  •  Simplify field trip & extracurricular management
  •  Go cashless with online payments
  •  Enjoy faster and easier onboarding

    What Can Operoo Do For You?



Operoo is the Digital Forms, Payments, and Workflow Platform for Connecting Schools and Parents. 

The cost of processing school paperwork is enormous. From printing costs to tracking down parents, it's a lot of wasted time and wasted money. Operoo’s automated processes take care of this work, freeing up resources and staff time.



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