Episode 10: You’re the Aquarium Guy

A science teacher wanted his students to experience the outdoors and wildlife, but because of budget constraints and logistical challenges it made field trips very difficult.

James Jubran teaches aquatic sciences at Alief Elsik High School in Houston Texas. Jubran was determined to find a way to inspire his students about wildlife, so he applied for a $25,000 grant from State Farm.

“We teach in an inner city setting, where a lot of the students they grow up and they don’t get to get out of this environment that they live in and see the natural world and see wild places, wild waters. So I wanted to introduce them to that,” Jubran said.

Jubran took that $25k and built an 1,100 gallon aquarium that mimics the Amazon river. With water, fish, and rocks the tank weighs about 13,000 lbs and is on display in the school cafeteria.

Jubran tells ‘Class Dismissed’ how he pulled off the ambitious project.