Switching to
SchoolStatus Connect is Simple

With our white-glove implementation team, switching your Mass Notifications system from SwiftK12 to SchoolStatus Connect is a seamless process.

Example of group announcements for SwiftK12 on SchoolStatus Connect
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Mass Notifications
Send notifications to your entire district via SMS, Email or Phone Call

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Smore Newsletters
Create and send newsletters with Smore directly in SchoolStatus Connect

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Messaging and More
Get two-way messaging, phone calling, robust analytics and more

Switch from SwiftK12 to
SchoolStatus Connect for
Your Communications

Woman communicating bus route update through SchoolStatus Connect messaging

• Send mass notifications for emergencies, school events, and more

• Manage messages at the district, school and classroom levels

• Centralize all school-family communications in a single app

Powering School Districts Across the U.S.

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