Bridging Gaps and Elevating Florida Learning

How one struggling school district reached unprecedented levels of student performance and attendance, family engagement, and compliance—with SchoolStatus.

Ebbok by SchoolStatus called Bridging Gaps & Elevating Learning.

Districts across the U.S. face challenges such as limited resources, staff shortages, and low attendance rates. SchoolStatus can help you address these issues, but what does that actually look like in day-to-day operations? 

This eBook walks you through a day in the life of educators, administrators, families, and students—before and after implementing  SchoolStatus. 

In reading this fictional (but based on real-life examples!) account, you’ll understand how SchoolStatus can make a daily impact and learn why it’s the communication, attendance, and educator development platform your district needs.

In this eBook, you’ll discover:

  • How SchoolStatus improves student attendance, family engagement, and school-home communications
  • Why educators and administrators rave about SchoolStatus features and customer service
  • Tangible examples of how SchoolStatus can transform your district’s community