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Principals and district level staff at Sanger Independent School District in Texas had a common problem, they had to go to several different places to get the information they needed to make informed decisions for student improvement. What they wanted was a means of having it all pulled together in a way they could visualize the data and take action.  

CASE STUDY: "We are not a 'C' district but we didn't know what steps we needed to take." 

Following the return of local assessment scores Sanger ISD now uses SchoolStatus to identify at-risk students and opportunities for growth. Then, they create improvement plans to better prepare those students for the state test. Next, using SchoolStatus communication tools, Sanger is able to track that teachers are reaching out to the parents of those students.

Administrators at Sanger ISD credit SchoolStatus with the improvement in their accountability score, now a solid ‘B’, by putting assessment data in the hands of teachers, and giving teachers easy tools with which to engage parents.