Challenging the Status Quo

Your data could be doing more. Your team could be reaching more. Your relationships with parents could be impacting academic outcomes more. But how do we get there? How do we change the status quo? We believe the best way to make change happen is to continue to learn and get better at what we each do best.

At SchoolStatus, we are passionate about educators having the tools they need when it comes to data being actionable and communication being meaningful. As partners in education and many of us former educators ourselves, it’s important we provide relevant, quality information you can actually use to make a difference.

From checklists to whitepapers, how-to guides to case studies, these key issues are at the core of our mission to help us change the status quo, together.

Let’s get started.

Data Analytics
Student data shouldn’t be sitting on a dusty data warehouse shelf, aging its way out of relevancy. It should be timely, with appropriate access, and usable for everyone involved that can make a difference in the child’s educational journey. Because if it’s not helping students – why track it at all?
Parent Communication
Making a meaningful difference must include real, meaningful relationships. Giving educators the proper tools and insights to facilitate communication, as well as diverse training on HOW to best communicate, can make the difference in a child’s success throughout their educational journey.
While you never want to be in a position where you have to defend your district’s reputation, if it happens your data needs to be clean and up to date. Whether it’s recorded communication logs, infraction data by custom code, or an aggregate benchmark for comparison – you need to feel confident your eKeeping processes are effective and efficient.
Professional Development
Development is crucial for lifelong learners and can come in many formats. Providing solid tools and resources to your team that will help them excel rather than slow them down is a key part of being a great leader. One way to do that is through supportive vendor relationships which bring value to your educators and use their time efficiently.
“Our school is making great strides due to the rich data we have access to in SchoolStatus. Thank you for providing a tool for us to harness the power of data for better decision making. You are helping us be better every day!”
Tara Ladner, Principal, Hancock County School District
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