Centralized Student Data + Communications  Separate SchoolStatus from Remind

Want to integrate impactful student information that can inform school-home communications and better engage families?

SchoolStatus is an easy-to-use data and communications hub that allows educators, schools, and districts to access student data, build reports, and communicate with families—all from one centralized view. 

Why SchoolStatus?

Unlike Remind, SchoolStatus Makes Accessing Student Data Effortless

When comparing Remind vs. SchoolStatus, the decision is clear. 

With SchoolStatus, send the right message at the right time for the greatest impact by integrating student performance and attendance data from your SIS. Administrators can track performance changes over time in user-friendly dashboards to see the impact of a unified communications approach on student attendance and performance. 

Centralized, student-focused data views make SchoolStatus the ultimate communication platform.

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Photo of three women of different ages and a automatic translation feature from SchoolStatus software.

Reach Every Family

Meet families where they are with 1:1 or mass-messaging, phone calls, emails, texts, automated reminders, and newsletters that are translated into the language families use at home.

A picture of a female student and her attendance statistics from SchoolStatus software.

Measure Impact

Comprehensive reports provide actionable insights into key issues, family reach and readership, communication effectiveness, and more. Easily access family engagement logs and archives for state and grant reporting.

Multiple reports from SchoolStatus software.

Easy-to-Use Data Integrations

Streamline student data into one consolidated view with SIS and LMS integrations.

A call between a student with his father and his teacher.

Encourage Family Involvement

Our secure classroom feed enables teachers to build trust and dialogue with families via centralized updates.

Sort function from SchoolStatus software.

Send the Right Message to the Right Group

Filters allow your staff to segment mailing lists by grade, group, and attribute, so they can easily send messages to the right audiences.

Graphic showing communication tools as they engage a family.

Build a Classroom Community

Manage event communications and volunteer coordination directly in the portal.

Request a personalized demo to see our robust features in action and learn why hundreds of school districts chose SchoolStatus over Remind to communicate with families efficiently and effectively.
“As an administrator, I want to make sure that if a kid’s not there, I want my teachers to call the Familys before we get a whole administrative intervention and counselors involved. And if all of your communication comes through SchoolStatus, which it does in my district, I can see it all—it’s all right there.”
—Chad Shealy, Superintendent, Vicksburg Warren School District