K-12 Communication Solutions: A Buyer's Guide

There are a great number of communication tools available in the K-12 edtech landscape which can make it difficult to determine which communication solution is best for your school district. Ideally, the right tools will also increase parent involvement and engagement resulting in increased student success and better school climate.

Using Technology to Identify and Address Learning Loss in K-12 Schools

Many students, especially those from vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, begin each school year performing at achievement levels below what they were before summer break. School districts need to address the phenomenon of learning loss because it widens achievement gaps and wastes the academic progress achieved during the school year.

SchoolStatus and the Epstein Model of Parent Involvement

When you consider a student’s academic achievement, it becomes readily evident that no one person alone contributes to success. This idea is at the core of Joyce Epstien’s theory of parent involvement. Specifically, students are most successful when parents, educators, and community endeavor together to support learning and development.

The Importance of Data Security When It Comes to Student Privacy

Data that is stored within SchoolStatus never leaves the U.S. and is never available to other companies. When a user logs into our platform, we set a user's scope to allow access on a primary level to, and only to, their district's data as delineated by their 128-bit identifier. Access to our servers requires a secure VPM client and ssh keys.

Assessment Interrupted: Implications of COVID-19 for Accountability in 2021 and How to Progress

Beyond their use in accountability models, state assessment scores are critical in helping educators report achievement and growth, support low and under-performing students, and evaluate progress toward goals. This paper discusses these challenges and offers suggestions for moving forward in the absence of this data.

Increasing Transparency From Data to Communication - Business Brief

Districts can promote transparency by ensuring teachers can securely access, analyze, and interpret their students’ data. Teachers need access in an electronic format where current and historical data can be viewed on both a student and aggregate level. Data collection is irrelevant if teachers can't use it to move the needle.

Parent Engagement and Student Success Brief Review & Best Practices

Parent engagement strategies are often suggested as a method of improving student success. Parent engagement is a long-studied topic that broadly refers to the extent that students’ guardians commit resources to and actively participate in their children’s learning.

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