To stay ahead of the curve today, Federal Programs Directors need to be able to make course corrections midyear. Whether compiling achievement data on each student enrolled in Title I classes, assuring compliance of Federal grant programs, or monitoring special populations, Federal Program Directors need accurate, workable, comprehensive data within a few clicks - not behind multiple log-ins without a means to compare results with demographics. 

SchoolStatus is designed to speak to the challenges faced by administrators who wrangle overwhelming amounts of confidential data. With SchoolStatus, you’ll make necessary changes throughout your school year instead of in the aftermath when it’s too late.


How SchoolStatus Benefits Federal Programs Directors

SchoolStatus eliminates the need to export student data from multiple sources. What was previously a spreadsheet Armageddon is now automatically aggregated to quickly visualize what’s important and take action. See your at-risk students in a dashboard immediately upon logging in, and finally view the progress and performance of your special populations in relation to factors you choose. Whether it’s attendance, home location, assigned teachers, or which parents have received communication, Federal Programs directors are making decisions based on ALL the data.

Benchmark Tracking helps you feel confident to build a district plan that truly supports your staff with professional development to ultimately improve student outcomes.

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Communication Tools that meet compliance requirements with automatic call documentation.


At-Risk Module with customizable criteria alerts you earlier of students that need your attention.


Digital Historical Data eliminates the need for warehousing and facilitates longitudinal analysis.


Attendance Tracking allows your team to identify chronic absence problems and provide support where it’s needed.


Support MTSS by seeing all your student data, including parent communication, teacher notes, assessments and discipline, all on a single screen.

Platform Features for Federal Programs Directors 

Student Data Analytics

SchoolStatus integrates into your existing data platforms to provide federal program directors with a comprehensive dashboard. Quickly gather high-level insights about your school district or dive deep into individual student performance.

Parent Communication Logs

Our parent communication logs provide federal program directors with archived access to call recordings, emails, and texts. All parent-teacher communication is stored within the same platform as your student data.

See SchoolStatus Accountability in Action

How SchoolStatus Improves Accountability

Learn how real federal program directors are using SchoolStatus everyday to help improve accountability in their K-12 school districts.

Single platform allows you to:

  • "SchoolStatus saves us time and money by combining our students’ data in one, easy-to-use interface."

    Brian Freeman,
    Superintendent Forrest County School District

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Other Education Professionals Who Benefit from SchoolStatus


SchoolStatus helps superintendents get accurate, workable, comprehensive data within a few clicks, in an effort to improve K-12 school district performance.

Curriculum and Instruction Directors

SchoolStatus gives curriculum and instruction directors tools for viewing, sorting, and tracking students to see the student beyond the numbers and make decisions with confidence.


SchoolStatus is designed to help K-12 school principals stay informed about every aspect of their campus from parent communication details to assessment scores.


SchoolStatus integrates all student data into a digital student card, allow teachers to learn about historical assessment, benchmark data, past disciplinary issues, and more information for each student.

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