Serving as the final decision-maker for all district matters, Superintendents must understand both the big picture as well as the daily operations of their school district. Events move quickly, and overseeing multiple campuses can provide a variety of daily challenges. That’s why SchoolStatus enables superintendents to visualize high-level trends or drill down into a specific area. Without logging into the system, superintendents receive a daily executive summary with the metrics that matter. See an issue? Get more granular reviewing a comprehensive profile of a single student. SchoolStatus provides the insight superintendents need. From the cost of absences to accountability gaps, to geomapping trends to communication history—all at your fingertips. 


How SchoolStatus Benefits Superintendents

With SchoolStatus, Superintendents are seeing an all-inclusive overview of their district without any extra work, to start each school year, semester, and day with all the information necessary to make strong decisions.

Never ask for reports only for them to be out of date by the time you receive them. Never wait for important incidents to be reported to you, or approach delicate situations with only a portion of the necessary data. SchoolStatus empowers Superintendents to answer questions with a few clicks and to make decisions with confidence.


Daily Digest Emails give district administrators an up-to-date overview of attendance costs, major disciplinary issues, and parent communication metrics, every morning - ensuring you start the day informed about where you stand.


Automatic Data Integration eliminates time wasted waiting for reports by putting all your student data in a single location.


Digital Historical Data supports your district-wide initiatives by facilitating longitudinal analysis and eliminates the need for data warehousing.


Easy Navigation helps you get answers quickly without complicated technology.


Stay Connected by viewing performance, attendance, or parent communication metrics by classroom, campus, or the entire district on a single dashboard.

Platform Features for Superintendents

Student Data Analytics

SchoolStatus integrates into your existing data platforms to provide superintendents with a comprehensive dashboard. Quickly gather high-level insights about your school district or dive deep into individual student performance.

Parent Communication Logs

Our parent communication logs provide superintendents with archived access to call recordings, emails, and texts. All parent-teacher communication is stored within the same platform as your student data.

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Other Education Professionals Who Benefit from SchoolStatus

Federal Program Directors

SchoolStatus helps Federal Program Directors get accurate, workable, comprehensive data within a few clicks, in an effort to improve compliance and student outcomes.

Curriculum and Instruction Directors

SchoolStatus gives curriculum and instruction directors tools for viewing, sorting, and tracking students to see the student beyond the numbers and make decisions with confidence.


SchoolStatus is designed to help K-12 school principals stay informed about every aspect of their campus from parent communication details to assessment scores.

Accountability Directors

SchoolStatus enables accountability and assessment directors to track student, school, and district progress from assessment to assessment to support continuous improvement.

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