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SchoolStatus solves K-12 attendance, communication, and educator growth challenges.

The first unified platform that brings K-12 families, educators, and administrators together to improve student attendance, engagement, and achievement.

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“Exactly what I need, where I need it!”

Pat P., Teacher and Department Leader
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“Easy way to be a better you!”

Christi D., Special Education Teacher
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“SchoolStatus helps bridge the communication gap.”

Erica W., Teacher
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“Better than any app or software I’ve ever used in 23 years of teaching.”

Verna S., Teacher
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Learn how SchoolStatus can help you create an integrated and impactful educational experience, from district leadership to families at home.

The Unified K-12 Solution Districts Need to Foster Student Success

With more than two hundred million successful school-home interactions, and millions of users across all product lines, SchoolStatus drives meaningful results for districts and schools across the U.S.

Increase Family Engagement

Get families more involved in their students’ academics with communications that are delivered in their preferred channel and language.

Improve Attendance

Ensure students go to class and positively reinforce daily attendance with effective communication and timely interventions.

Leverage Real-Time Data

With student-centric data, you can be sure that you’re sending the right message to each family to improve student performance and attendance.

Empower Educators

Guide and document equitable professional growth programs via goal-setting, coaching, and observations.

Join the thousands of satisfied school districts who choose us for communications, attendance, and educator growth solutions. Book a demo to learn more!