Visualize all of your student data in one place to have meaningful communication between school and home

Streamline communications with parents from a single tool, get insight into trends and dive deeper into specifics when needed.

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"Great communication tool for parent-teacher conversations. I like the ease with which I can contact parents using my own personal phone without giving out my personal number. I also like the student's contacts are readily available."

Abigail S, High School Teacher

SchoolStatus enables Educators and Administrators to visualize analytics and communication in one place

Data analytics

Data integrations

Easily visualize and manage all of your district’s communications with parents. Create and visualize custom dashboards to identify student data trends.

SchoolStatus gives superintendents dashboard reporting and allows them to dive deeper when needed so they don't get taken by surprise and always have the right insights at their finger tips.
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schoolstatus contacts

Parent communication

Make classroom communication easy with a single place for parent-teacher communication.

SchoolStatus gives educators a single tool to communicate with parents so everyone stays auditable, visible and safe.
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Auditable message trail

No more 'he said, she said.' See an auditable trail of all parent-teacher communications.

School communications are hard to manage. SchoolStatus gives educators a safe place to communicate with parents and an auditable trail of messages so that they stay in a healthy legal position if there's a dispute.

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One subscription, many tools

Stop paying for multiple school communication tools. Get everything you need from a single, manageable subscription

SchoolStatus gives school districts all the tools they need to manage communications with a single, easy to manage subscription including analytics, benchmarking, student records, 1-2-1 and mass messaging.

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Everything you need for K-12 analytics and communication in one platform

At SchoolStatus, we are passionate about providing educators with the tools to turn information into communication. Many of us are former educators ourselves. We understand the challenges, hurdles and desire to do more.


We track and record everything. So if a compliance claim is made, you can always refer back to the data.

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Data Integrations

Query data on teacher attendance, student discipline, and more to find areas your district can improve.

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Digital Forms & Payments

Send forms directly to parents’ phones when you need consent, payment, signatures, updates to contact, and health information.

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Learning Loss

Use discipline and absence data to determine at-risk students and help them before it gets too late.

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Mass Messaging

Send mass text messages to parents of multiple students at once.

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It takes just minutes to build great looking, on-brand emails directly in SchoolStatus.

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Teacher Observations

TeachBoost Pro ensures that observation and evaluation plans are being carried out for district & school leaders.

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Two-way Communication

Easily call, email, and text parents from your phone or desktop using a private number.

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Video Chat

Get parents on video calls with one link sent via text. Call recordings are kept in a log.

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Find out how you can make strategic communications more efficient and safer for everyone in your school district.

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Case Study

How DeSoto County Schools strengthen parent relationships through communication

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