Actionable student data to drive meaningful engagement

  • Aggregate all class data from assessments, benchmarks, academics & discipline.
  • Student data is easy to visualize and access.
  • Select, track & report on student subgroups you define. 
  • Discover trends & drill down to a granular student level.
  • Teachers and parents communicate one-on-one.
All student data, from your SIS, LMS, assessments, and other data silos. SaaS model with no IT burden. Scoped by user, in one place and updated nightly.
District-level trends down to single student holistic view. Clear and easy to interpret visualizations for educators at every level.
Increase parent engagement and improve school climate with data-driven, two-way conversations with all key stakeholders.

Data Analysis

Integrate your aggregate data from the Student Information System (SIS), Learning Management System (LMS), and State Assessment providers that your district/schools have already invested in.

Parent Communication Tools

Intuitive parent communication tools place and records calls, translates texts into 100+ languages, and integrates into each student's records.

Data Visualization

Simple visualization of the many aspects of a student's data in one view easy to read view.

IT Support and Data Security

SchoolStatus eliminates additional burden on district IT resources with 24/7 staff support and top-tier security.

SchoolStatus is my sole source for data collection and analysis. We rely on the information to make instructional decisions as well as school-wide decisions for attendance, discipline, parental involvement, and plans for school success.

Kristina Pollard, Principal
Kristina Pollard Principal

I love how we can use SchoolStatus to contact parents without them having access to our personal phone numbers.  I also like how we have documentation of our attempts to contact parents along with the actual conversations.  Lastly, I love how we have information regarding our students right at our fingertips anywhere as long as we have internet access.

Teacher, Vivian Wilder
Vivian Wilder Teacher, Cleveland School District

SchoolStatus is an outstanding platform that allows us to obtain data/information required for various district level plans and strategies including but not limited to our DropOut Plan, Strategic Plan and student achievement goals.

Brian Jernigan
Brian Jernigan Superintendent, Nettleton School District

Because SchoolStatus interfaces with all our other programs, we are able to choose the best specific products without worrying about giving teachers too many places to log in to see the results. We can maintain one single place to view all the data from multiple sources.

Dr Michele Bivens
Dr. Michele Bivens Superintendent
Pontotoc City School District

SchoolStatus is an excellent way to communicate with parents.  Conversations can be at the individual's convenience and are all saved for future reference.  Also, I love the ability to change the language based on the recipient's primary language.

Galena Park ISD Logo
Mary Browder Teacher
Galena Park Independent School District

Teachers find that it is easy to use and they love the privacy they have with contacting parents. We also track calls to parents to support a school-wide goal of increasing school-parent communication. Furthermore, it provides me with information needed when conducting data meetings with the superintendent.

Kristina Pollard Principal
Kristina Pollard Principal
Forrest School District

I like the way that everything you need to know about a student is right at your fingertip.  I especially love how we're able to call through our computers and text from our computers directly to parents. Awesome tool!

Hattiesburg PS logo
Kenyatta Thompson Teacher
Hattiesburg Public Schools

If the right person has the right data at the right time, then a child’s struggles can be a teachable moment rather than a series of lost opportunities.

Elizabeth Lalor Galena Park
Elizabeth Lalor Associate Superintendent
Educational & Academic Support
Galena Park SD

Superintendents Share How They're Using SchoolStatus to drive Data for DOINGTM.


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