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Educators & Staff

Help Your Students Thrive

With unified communication and attendance tools, it’s easy to engage families.


SchoolStatus Supports Educators


Engage Families

Strengthen communication between school and home with messages sent via each family’s preferred channel and language.


One Stop Shop

Keep families informed, send one-to-one messages, make phone and video calls and manage your classroom all from a single interface.


Do More in Less Time

Spend less time on administrative tasks like field trip forms and attendance letters so you can focus on students.

Build a Bridge Between School and Home

Educators are the key to student achievement, making it critical that
teachers and school staff are supported and empowered.
Here’s how we make that happen.

Access Past Communications

Access Past Communications 

See a holistic view of a student’s performance, and reference call transcripts, emails, and texts for more productive family conversations.

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Build Trust with Families

Help families take an active role in their kids’ academic journey by sending school and classroom updates in their home language. Emails, Smore newsletters, texts, and in-app messages can be auto-translated into over 130 languages.

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Personalize Outreach with Audience Filtering

Personalize Outreach with Audience Filtering

Quickly segment audiences by grade, class, school, or another attribute. Sending relevant news and updates instead of generic messages helps better bridge the gap between educators and families. 

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Streamline Your Workflow

Easily build automated workflows that take the hassle out of daily tasks. Upload and access student health records, request family permissions and approvals with digital forms, and easily submit reimbursements.

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Overcome Communication Barriers

Overcome Communication Barriers

With SchoolStatus, there’s no app needed to reach families. Automatic, two-way translated calls and texts go straight to their phones, while video calls simplify logistics for those with transportation challenges.

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I love keeping in contact with Families. It saves me so much time in that I do not have to document calls.  In addition, the text feature is awesome. Every teacher in the United States needs this. It also increases Family involvement by my contact with them—so easy.
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April McCary

Lauderdale County School District