Educator Effectiveness

Empowered Educators Lead Better Classrooms

Support educator growth and career development with transparent, goal-oriented observation and coaching.

Collaborate with staff using dynamic coaching tools

Monitor trends with district-wide data visualization

Simplify family-school communications with an all-in-one platform

Support and Enable Teacher Development

Educator Growth Mindset

Foster a Growth Mindset in Your District

Collaborative goal-setting and activity tracking give educators the opportunity to shape their career growth.

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Educator Impact

More Impact. Less Hassle.

Centralized rubrics and notes lower the administrative workload associated with observations. Built-in calendar follow-ups, email notifications, and customizable workflows collectively save half a day each week.

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Educator Streamlined Communication

Streamline Communication at All Levels

Make it easy to share information district-wide with a central platform for family communications, confidential coaching feedback, newsletters by Smore, and more.

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School Data Trend

View District-Wide Success Trends

See the impact of your coaching and intervention activity with unified data dashboards to chart success across individual, school, and district levels, so you can provide support where it is needed.

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District Observation Workflow

Improve District Workflows

Enhance your coaching and development programs without time-consuming integration. Design custom workflows for your unique goals.

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Encourage Collaboration

Pair educators in need with educators who have complementary skill sets to create support networks and foster professional growth.

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