Keep Students in School

Through customizable, automated attendance intervention letters, we help administrations better communicate with families—and reduce absenteeism.

User friendly attendance dashboards show district trends and automatically send intervention letters for absences and positive education about the importance of attendance

54% of Students Return to School After Initial Contact

75% Less Admin Time Spent on Attendance Notifications

46% Improvement in Attendance After a Conference

430+ Districts Use SchoolStatus Attend

A Smarter Way to Return
Students to School

A photo of a woman reading a report from SchoolStatus software.

Automate Your Outreach

Reduce your staff’s time spent on attendance by up to 75% by automatically sending school-branded mail to families to educate them about the importance of attendance—and celebrate their student’s successes.

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A boy student receives an award certificate for excellent attendance.

Positive Reinforcement

Make school a place that students want to be. Send mail directly to students to celebrate their attendance success—and reinforce positive habits throughout the year.

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Photo of a female teacher helping her young student and a Truancy Improvement data from SchoolStatus software.

Reach At-Risk Students

Easy-to-use, customizable dashboards help you spot trends for tardiness and truancy so you can take action before absenteeism becomes chronic. After first contact, 54% of students return to school.

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Interventions data from SchoolStatus software.

Break Through Digital Noise

​​Digital intervention can easily be missed. Create stronger connections with at-risk students’ families by mailing letters home on school letterhead—in the family’s home language.

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Chronic status statistics feature from SchoolStatus software.

Track the Right Data

Integrate with your SIS to see a holistic view of attendance by student, class, school, or district. ADA rates may look fine at the school or district level, but they can hide attendance issues. SchoolStatus Attend measures missed learning time—not just full days missed—by the class, teacher, student, or school for the full picture.

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Attend Features

Attendance Dashboard
Attendance Analysis Reports
Student Intervention & Tracking
Data Integration & Extraction
Mailed Attendance Interventions
SIS Integration
Translated Letters in 100+ Languages
Customized Analysis Reporting
Branded Letter Templates
Implementation & Training

Success Stories from Full Classrooms