Forms & Flows

Automate Workflows and Reclaim Lost Time

Make complex school tasks simple with digital forms and workflows.

Faster district workflows

Family permission slips and forms

Secure payments

Available with SchoolStatus Connect

Save Time and Effort in Your District


Automated Forms and Workflows

Create forms with automatic routing and notifications, so you can manage requests without manual effort.

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Integrated with SchoolStatus Connect

Forms & Flows works with SchoolStatus Connect so you can manage family communication, approvals, and payments from one platform.

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Streamline Internal Processes

Quickly and easily create customizable workflows that can speed up your district’s time-consuming tasks.

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Collect Cashless Payments

Request field trip costs, library fees, and other payments with secure online forms.

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Cut Down On Paperwork

Centralize records of approvals, incidents, and events across your district.

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Maintain Health & Medical Forms

Easily update emergency contact cards and medical needs to ensure safety for every student.

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Give Families a Better Experience

Help students in your district engage with school events and extracurricular activities by making it easier to share approvals.

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