Empower Your Educators to Develop Their Careers

Build a growth mindset across your district with a flexible coaching and observation platform.

Centralized Observation & Feedback 

Multi-Level Activity Tracking

Collaborative Goal-Setting

Adapts to Fit Your District’s Workflows

Help Teachers and Staff Develop Their Skills

Connect Across Channels

Collaborative Growth Planning and Two-Way Feedback

Empower the educators in your district with a transparent and collaborative growth platform that centralizes coaching feedback to help educators and staff expand their skills.

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Educator Goal Setting

Goal-setting for Educators

Help educators take control of their professional development. Access collaborative goal-setting tools, 1:1 communication, and a portfolio of next steps, all in one platform. 

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Activity Tracking

Multi-level Activity Tracking 

See how your team is progressing in completing required activities over the course of the year, so you can identify opportunities to give support where it is needed. 

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Flexible Workflows

Flexible Workflows Customizable to Your Needs

The platform features customizable workflows that can be adapted for your district’s unique workflows and rubrics, so you can be assured of a seamless transition. Connect to your calendar to make scheduling and follow-ups easier than ever.

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District Educator Data

District Data at a Glance

View performance trends and gains across your entire district. Track and analyze performance and view data visualizations at the individual, school, and district level. 

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SchoolStatus Boost Tiers

Essential Advanced
Sketch Centralized Notes
Observation Q&A
Basic Goal Setting
Automatic Rating Calculations
Heatmap View
Insights Reporting
Form Status
State Requirement Rubrics
Resource Library
CSV Rostering & Login with Google
SFTP Rostering & Login with ClassLink
Advanced Goal Options
Holistic Summatives
Fully Customized Rubrics
API Reporting Access
Live Virtual Training

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