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A Unified Future: Transforming Student Outcomes

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By Russ Davis 6 min

Education is facing unprecedented challenges. Years after the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted classrooms nationwide, its impact continues to reverberate. The struggles are evident, from a setback in academic progress to rising absenteeism and the daunting task of recruiting and retaining educators. Families, too, have shown a desire to be more informed and involved in their children’s academic journey. It’s clear we’ve arrived at a pivotal moment in education, and we need a new approach.

The Intersection of Data and Communication

At SchoolStatus, we believe the solution to many of education’s problems lies at the intersection of data and communication. This belief is rooted in our mission: to create a world where all students thrive by connecting schools, families, and educators through data-driven solutions that empower their success.

When I think back to how we started—a small group of folks from Mississippi working on a way to help students be more successful by connecting their teachers to meaningful data—it’s incredible to think how far we’ve come. We’ve grown what began as a local project to address the challenges faced by educators in our community into a global company with powerful solutions.

Over the past few years, we’ve teamed up with some of the best companies in the business to help us achieve that vision. While we started as a single product, we’ve joined forces with the amazing teams at TeachBoost, Operoo, Smore, School Innovations & Achievement (SI&A), ClassTag, and most recently, SchoolNow. We chose to work with each of these remarkable products because of their innovation and thought leadership; their impact on the lives of students was astonishing as it was self-proving. For instance, did you know 70% of the K-12 newsletters sent in the United States are created using and delivered by Smore? How about SI&A—using their patented technology and Attention 2 Attendance (A2) program they delivered more attendance interventions to more parents than any other company in the United States? That makes a real difference in the lives of real students.

Each of these incredible companies was an industry leader in their own right, bringing an essential piece of technology critical to student success. Now, we couldn’t be more thrilled to merge these powerhouses into one unified platform with three ground-breaking products that eliminate the need to have multiple point solutions for attendance interventions, communication with families, and educator development. And we’re on a mission to bring them to as many classrooms and homes as possible.

Indeed, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 

Thanks to the work of many dedicated individuals, today, SchoolStatus isn’t just a Mississippi success story; it’s a global phenomenon, transforming education and student outcomes around the world. Our journey began with a singular vision—to centralize data and democratize its use in schools. That sentiment continues to drive our suite of solutions: 

  • SchoolStatus Attend to reduce chronic absenteeism
  • SchoolStatus Connect to send personalized communication, Smore newsletters, and digital forms
  • SchoolStatus Boost for data-driven insights that streamline teacher evaluation and foster a growth mindset
  • SchoolStatus Forms & Flows for automated school workflows and online forms that save time and paperwork

The Power of Unified Systems

SchoolStatus isn’t just another tool. It’s a unifying force designed to simplify, automate, and streamline existing workflows while amplifying the ability to drive positive student outcomes. The power lies in combining meaningful data with effective communication.

Data + Communication = Action 

This equation drives our philosophy. Quality data allows administrators to understand student needs, support educators, and engage families meaningfully. It’s not about overwhelming educators with more data; it’s about providing actionable insights that lead to impactful interventions.

Supporting Educators in Challenging Times

Educators have been navigating challenging terrain over the last few years. They need time-saving tools that enable quick access to real-time information for better decision-making. With SchoolStatus’ Student Card, educators can access comprehensive data for each student on a single screen from any device. From that same screen, teachers can intervene effectively via text, phone calls, video, or in the app.

Districts can support overworked educators by providing easy-to-use tools that combine meaningful, quality data and time-saving technology. Real-time, user-friendly data dashboards ensure educators have the information they need without becoming data scientists or managing multiple platforms and stacks of papers. Digital forms and automated workflows can streamline everyday tasks—so your staff can spend less time on paperwork and more time on students.

SchoolStatus provides educators with the transparency, accountability, and clear expectations they need to thrive and grow in their careers. The platform gives educators and school leaders collaborative goal-setting and observation tools that standardize the coaching process via actionable, goal-oriented feedback. Now, schools and districts can launch more effective coaching programs that support educator development and reduce burnout and attrition. 

Engaging Families as Partners

Engaging families is integral to student success. We know students thrive when their home adults are involved, so we built a digital communications platform that is device-agnostic, delivering meaningful one- and two-way communication via each family’s preferred channel and language. Imagine the impact of positive, effective attendance letters mailed home (by us!) throughout the year in every family’s preferred language. And think of how classrooms can become communities with the help of class and school newsletters that share news and celebrate successes.

Transparency is crucial. Providing diverse communication options, free from language barriers, and accessible to all caregivers creates a more connected school environment. Engaging families through positive communication strategies builds trust and fosters supportive learning environments, which directly affect a district’s perception and impact.

Shaping a Better Future

Education is about shaping the future. Our tools have the power to impact education like never before. The combination of data and secure communication enables all families to actively participate in their child’s educational journey and sets every student up for success.

The disruptions in learning provide an opportunity for districts to reimagine educational models. Through data-informed, multimodal communication, we can set students on a path to not only better academic outcomes but healthier, more prosperous futures.

The Future of Education

As we unveil the new SchoolStatus, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of education. It’s not just a tool; it’s a transformative journey for educators, families, and students. Together, through data-driven communication, we can empower students to thrive and build a brighter tomorrow.

Welcome to a unified future. Welcome to the new SchoolStatus.
Headshot of Russ Davis.
Russ Davis


Hailing from a family of educators, Russ has always been motivated to help improve the public education system. At 19, Russ became the then-youngest school district Chief Information Officer in his home state of Mississippi. Russ went on to work in both public and private sectors, which gave him a clear view of the challenges school districts were facing—and what can be done to fix them. In 2010, he left public service and built the team and products that would eventually become SchoolStatus. Russ champions trust, reliance on expertise, and active listening, resulting in a thriving company that embodies these values.
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