ESSER Funding for
Chronic Absenteeism & Learning Recovery

Discover the SchoolStatus K-12 Success Platform

Leverage your ESSER funds to improve educational outcomes and support post-pandemic recovery and resilience. With the SchoolStatus platform, your district can facilitate enhanced communication between schools, parents, and students.
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Teachers working with student and going over attendance report

Improve Attendance
Automatically mail intervention letters and encouraging messaging to families throughout the year.

Increase Family Engagement
Empower your schools to reach everyone via their preferred channel and language.

Leverage Data Insights
User-friendly dashboards enable data-driven decision-making, personalized communication, and compliance.

Put ESSER Funds Towards
Supporting Better Attendance and
Communication in Your K-12 District

Districts across the U.S. leverage the unified SchoolStatus platform for:
  • Developing and implementing early warning indicator systems to track attendance and proactively intervene 
  • Monitoring assignments, course completion, credit accumulation, grades, and discipline rates
  • Locating and re-engaging chronically absent students, and their families

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Powering School Districts Across
the U.S.

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