Increase Family Engagement with SchoolStatus


Forge healthy, consistent communication between administrators, your educational staff, and student families with an easy-to-use, centralized communications hub.

SchoolStatus integrates seamlessly with your current SIS to provide a holistic view of a student—attendance records, test scores, at-risk indicators, and more. This equips educators at all levels of the district with a user-friendly digital solution to meaningfully communicate with families.

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Keep Educators and Families Engaged With SchoolStatus

Photo of a make teacher and three features from SchoolStatus software.

Data-Powered Communications

Powerful student data analytics and 1:1 communication tools in one platform

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Profile of a teacher and a message that this teacher sent to the Families.

Breaking Language Barriers

100+ translatable languages with all conversations tracked and recorded for full visibility

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Two graphs generated by SchoolStatus software. Graphs show Chronic Status by Grade and Attendance.

Centralize Your District’s Data

Data visualization and custom dashboards for attendance, performance, discipline, at-risk, and more

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Reaching out to all at-risk students

Send the Right Message at the Right Time

The ability to call, text, and email through the platform without sharing a personal phone number

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I appreciate the ease with which I can reach out to Families. Being able to send them a text allows them to read a message and address it when they have time. We are all working; thus, being able to discuss students with Families in a time that is convenient for them is helpful and respectful.

Theresa Spence

Faculty, Lauderdale County School District