Increase Family Engagement with SchoolStatus

Every missed day of school is a missed opportunity for students to learn, grow, and thrive. But what if there was a way to proactively identify attendance patterns, intervene early, and empower your staff to make a lasting impact on student learning and lifetime success?

SchoolStatus Attend is a data-driven attendance management system that integrates easily with your current SIS. It allows educators and administrators to view student data in one place, identify trends in attendance, and automate proactive interventions, like school-branded, mailed letters.

SchoolStatus also helps with school-home communication—identifying when, what and who to communicate with, and the method for the strongest engagement with each family.

With our platform,  districts and schools can send secure, trackable, 1:1 and group outreach—no app required—leading to higher engagement with families and saves educators time.

See how SchoolStatus Attend empowers the educators and administrators within your district to improve student attendance.