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To better understand the positive effect higher attendance rates would have on your district, we’ve created a calculator to estimate SchoolStatus Attend’s influence on three key areas: student attendance, educator time, and state funding.

Measure Your Attendance Impact

Annual ADA funding per pupil in dollars.
Number of students enrolled district-wide.
Number of campuses in district.
Your current district-wide attendance rate.

Filling in the Attendance Impact Calculator is simple: 

  1. Choose your district’s state, district enrollment, and number of campuses
  2. If you are in an ADA state, we will automatically add your state’s funding.
  3. Obtain your district’s estimate for enhanced attendance, saved educator time, and increased state funding (if applicable).

*The Attendance Impact Calculator serves as an estimate only. Contact SchoolStatus for a more detailed overview of potential results.

Your Attendance Calculator Results

Students Recovered Daily


Total number of recovered students district-wide (daily)
Learning Days Recovered


Total number of learning days regained (annually)
Increased Funding based
on more students in class


Mitigated revenue based on more students in class every day (annually)
Hours Regained by School Attendance Staff


The number of hours saved on administrative attendance and truancy work by staff.
Hours Annually

Save My Results

SchoolStatus Attend’s centralized, data-driven attendance management platform sends automatic mailed interventions and ongoing positive reinforcement that increase daily attendance and reduce administrative overhead. 

Our implementation team ensures compliance with your state’s education code and will get your district set up and trained in four weeks or less so everyone can contribute to attendance efforts.