Improve School Communication with
Smore Newsletters

Smore Newsletters Are Now Available in SchoolStatus Connect! 🔥

Tired of juggling multiple platforms to keep your K-12 students’ families in the loop? 

Say hello to seamless integration with Smore newsletters, now available in SchoolStatus Connect!

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The Power of Smore Newsletters Joins Our Unified K-12 Communications Platform

No more scattered updates and missed communications. With Smore newsletters, you can effortlessly engage your school community, share important updates, and celebrate successes–all without sacrificing valuable educator time.

Creating Your First Smore Newsletter in Connect is as Easy as 1-2-3

1. Choose between a selection of 300+ pre-built templates
2. Customize your newsletter to reflect your unique style and messaging
3. Distribute your newsletter via email or publish it directly to your classroom feeds

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Smore + SchoolStatus Connect  = Communication Made Simple

• Create & send Smore newsletters in SchoolStatus Connect

• Translated into 130+ languages

• Send segmented messages by grade, class, school, or individually

• Send targeted mass notifications by audience

• Reach families via text, email, call, portal, Smore newsletter, or app