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5 Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts Teachers Actually Want

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Teacher Appreciation Week (TAW) is fast approaching and of course, and you want to get your student’s teacher the perfect gift that says, “Thank you a million!”

Well, let’s just start this conversation by saying that they already have an overabundance of “I ❤️ My Teacher” coffee mugs that – if combined with the right bean supplier and frothing device, can start their own booming barista business. So with that tiny detail in place, what do you get your child’s teacher that expresses your gratitude (hint: not a coffee mug)? 

So instead, here are 5 fantastic TAW presents sure to put a smile on any busy and dedicated educator’s face. 

Spahhh-tacular Escape 

Teaching is definitely rewarding, after all, it’s why most educators got into the business! However, most rewards that are truly worth it comes with a few aches and pains along the way. So needless to say, teaching can also be quite stressful, especially during online and hybrid situations.

Therefore, a perfect present to give a hard-working teacher for TAW is a gift card for a day at the spa. Whether your gift card is for a massage to soothe the senses, a relaxing facial to revitalize their smiling aura, or a trip for a much-deserved mani-pedi, your child’s teacher is sure to feel extra appreciated by your thoughtfulness of helping to alleviate their stress levels.

Budget-friendly Idea: With a few simple supplies you can make create a DIY spa-experience gift basket. Here are some ideas from Live Simply

Spend it on YOU Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Card 

“Spend what you want, where you want, and how you want.” That’s the message you send to a teacher during TAW when you give a credit card gift card! Make sure to add a little note encouraging them to use it strictly on themselves.

Too many times, teachers end up spending their hard-earned money, including gift cards like these, on their classrooms. So, partner with another Family, or even better – all of the class families – and make a contribution toward their class supplies as indicated in suggestion #3 below! This way, the teacher feels entirely more at ease when heeding to the suggestion you’ve made and using this particular “Spend it on YOU” gift card on themselves!

Monthly Goodies Box Starter Subscription

Subscription boxes are all the rage for women, men, and even pets! So why not gift your child’s teacher with their first month of a box that suits their particular lifestyle? You can get them started with their first month of beauty in-a-box with the many popular makeup subscriptions out there. Or, for your chic educator, start them off with one that includes all things fashion and lifestyle.

Perhaps your child’s teacher is an animal lover; gift them their first month of a pet-centric subscription box sure to make all tails wag. With this TAW gifting option, the possibilities are endless.

Sweet and Sticky Substitute Situation

Admittedly, that title sounds all kinds of questionable, but it’s actually not! Trending now in schools today is the power of the principal substitute! This is where your child’s principal (along with the counselor, dean, and the like) takes over one class period or sets a timeframe for a group of teachers. While their classes are being taught by the administrative staff, teachers are then welcomed into the staff lounge with all kinds of goodies.

Think tasty treats and sweet coffee drinks, as they’ll be sure to have one of their 4,358,071 mugs on hand! To add to the fun, your Family group can have on display a beautiful array of these fun motivational stickers for teachers to choose from to don on their laptops, travel water bottles, vehicles, etc. Each time they look at their stickers, they will serve as a reminder of Teacher Appreciation Week!

Bonus Idea: Administrators, while you take over for a teacher, have the students write notes to their teacher! What a memorable day!

In Conclusion

So there you have it, 5 of the best gifts to give a deserving teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week. Best yet, these gifts are what teachers really want and will have them giddy with joy as they’ll now see that mug a little differently during their morning coffee time.

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