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ClassTag + Google Classroom = Perfect Companions

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Reaching and engaging families can be difficult at the best of times. However, remote and hybrid learning can be especially hard as they require an even higher level of Family participation and communication. 

Many teachers rely on Google Classroom and the Google Suite of tools for student learning but are stuck when it comes to finding a way to keep families in the loop at the same time

With limited time and shrinking budgets, you might be searching for a free, all-in-one Family communication solution that works well with Google Classroom. Read on to learn how Google Classroom and ClassTag are perfect companions! 

We can help you bridge the gap between student learning and Family engagement, save time, and much more with our free platform.

What is ClassTag and how does it complement Google Classroom?

Well, let’s start by looking at what each platform is for, and where they excel.

Google Classroom is for Teacher-Student Collaboration

Google Classroom is “a streamlined, easy-to-use tool that helps teachers manage coursework. With [Google] Classroom, educators can create classes, distribute assignments, grade and send feedback, and see everything in one place (Google for Education Website).” 

Google Classroom truly focuses on the teachers and students through classroom management. Unfortunately, While Google Classroom takes care of everyday learning tasks, it has very limited Family communication and engagement capabilities. 

ClassTag is for Family-Teacher Communication

We know that when Family engagement is higher the achievement gap is lessened and student success increases. 

ClassTag is a free Family-teacher communication platform with everything you need to reach, engage and support families no matter what back-to-school brings.

With everything from direct communication and class-wide announcements to event coordination, ClassTag will help you reach EVERY Family.

In recent months, we’ve been introducing a full range of integrations with Google Classroom and the full suite of tools that Google Schools rely on. We’re super excited to share 🙂

Easily Import Your Google Classroom Roster into ClassTag

Part of the frustration of remote learning is the time it takes to get set-up. Duplicating roster lists from platform to platform is tedious and time-consuming. With ClassTag you don’t have to duplicate your work. You can simply create a new class and import your student roster into ClassTag from Google Classroom.

Reach Every Family On Your Classroom Roster

Sometimes the families who are the hardest to reach are the ones who need the most support. It is important to reach families where they are, and have an accessible way to communicate. ClassTag focuses on reaching EVERY Family, with their preferred method of communication; whether that is email, SMS, mobile app, web, or even paper. 

Identifying and focusing on families that need additional support can save valuable time and get resources to those who need it most.  With ClassTag you can see who has read communications and quickly find out who has invalid contact information. Additionally, you can easily identify families needing additional support during remote learning with data from ClassTag’s statistics page.

ClassTag Incorporates All of Your Google Tools for Reaching and Engaging Families

Many Google Schools and teachers rely on Google’s free, core tools to manage Family communication, coordination and file sharing. Thankfully, ClassTag plays nicely with all of them, to make your workflow seamless. 

Share Google Drive Files, YouTube Videos and More With Families

With ClassTag you can create announcements to reach all your classrooms’ families at one time! ClassTag’s integration with Google Drive makes it easy to upload and share important documents, images, videos and more. Have a video from YouTube that you would like to share? ClassTag easily embeds YouTube videos with just a link. 

Coordinate Online Events and Video Calls

Getting Family participation for events during remote learning can be hard to coordinate and set up. ClassTag makes scheduling in person or remote conferences and events a breeze by allowing families and teachers to pick times that work for their schedule. 

ClassTag events and conference times will automatically sync with Google Calendar and add a conferencing link through Google Meet. This helps families keep track of important event and conference information, all in one place. 

Message Families From ClassTag or Right From Google Classroom 

One-on-one conversations can help you build strong relationships with families. Conversations can be difficult for families who do not have access to a smartphone or computer or are not native English speakers. 

ClassTag’s magic messaging doesn’t require families to download the app; they can start receiving communications as soon as they are added to ClassTag! ClassTag’s automatic translation in over 100+ languages makes it easier to overcome language barriers and help families participate in their child’s education.

But we also have an announcement…

As a ClassTag user you will be able to directly message families in Google Classroom; saving you time from having to switch back and forth between apps!


Going back to school this year might bring on some unexpected expenses since many districts are choosing to cut the education budget. Needing access to free educational technology has never been so important. ClassTag and Google Classroom, along with all integrations,  are absolutely FREE for teachers. That means you can enjoy a robust learning management system for students AND communicate with families for no additional cost.

Need an all-in-one Family communication app that just works?

Join ClassTag

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