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Educational Fun To Celebrate Grandparents’ Day

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National GrandFamilies Day 2019 is approaching, and not only is it the perfect holiday to let grandFamilies know how much they are loved and appreciated; it’s also a great time to engage them in the education of their grandchildren. GrandFamilies’ Day is the ideal time for teachers to make the effort strengthen family ties to better meet the emotional needs of their students.

Make The Connection

GrandFamilies can help strengthen the academic success of their grandchildren by staying in the loop, and ClassTag is the perfect tool to help those connections. Many grandFamilies are caregivers, or the go-to daytime support for students.

ClassTag can help grandFamilies, parents, and teachers stay on the same page about a child’s education. This can be especially helpful in the case of non-traditional families or split households.

Pro-tip: Multiple users can be added for each child within ClassTag, so don’t be afraid of building a support system!

The messaging capabilities of ClassTag help ensure that everyone is engaged in learning goals and allows everyone to play an active role in their child’s education.

Relating on New Levels

Finding a common ground between a grandFamily and grandchild doesn’t always develop organically. Inviting grandFamilies into the educational world of their grandchildren is a creative way to spark interest.

Through ClassTag, grandFamilies can stay engaged with learning goals and school events, and children will be encouraged to know that their grandFamilies are interested in the daily happenings of their lives.

GrandFamilies perfectly fill the role of an educational support. Tensions can run high between families and a children during homework time or studying sessions. A grandFamily is just the person needed to diffuse the pressure! They can offer a much-needed hand tackling math problems, spelling lists, or reading stories. Not only does this give the families a well needed break; children and grandFamilies will get the chance to work on learning goals: together!

Celebrate The Day

Invite new volunteers– Don’t forget: grandFamilies are in the perfect position to be volunteers. Most grandFamilies are retired, and offer schools an availability of helpers that might otherwise be nonexistent. GrandFamilies like nothing more than spending time with their grandchildren, and school provides yet another opportunity to do that!

Let’s Party!– In the spirit of GrandFamilies’ Day, teachers can welcome grandFamilies into their classroom to better know the families of their students. It’s the perfect time to host a GrandFamily’s Day!

Pro-Tip: GrandFamilies are able to provide a strong presence in the classroom as a guest speaker, teacher helper, or Family Teacher Association volunteer. GrandFamilies’ Day is celebrated at the perfect time of the school year to welcome grandFamily participation!

Today more than ever the grandFamily generation is becoming engaged in the daily lives of their grandchildren. Gone are the days of the role of the passive family elder. GrandFamilies are active, aware, and involved.

GrandFamilies bring to the table a wealth of knowledge about child development that is just waiting to be

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