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Lunch Box Love

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As parents, we spend the days our children are at school wondering what they’re doing and worrying about them. It’s what we do. One way to take some of that stress away…packing a healthy lunch to ensure that they are getting nourishment so they don’t come home from school hangry. So the question is…how do you pack a good lunch for your child that they will want to eat and you have time to make?

Keep it Simple

We all see those amazing recipes on Pinterest that take hours to make, but for many of us, that’s just not realistic and your child only has a certain amount of time to eat that lunch while they carry on conversations at the same time. Making simple lunches that are eye appealing and not too messy is the perfect way to go. We’ve even got some fantastic recipes from Boar’s Head to help you get started.

EverRoast® Chicken Sandwich Tacos

Easy Bento

EverRoast® Chicken Salad

Maple Honey Ham & Cheese Pinwheels

EverRoast® Chicken Lettuce Wrap

These amazing recipes are simple to make with just a few ingredients and look so playful and fun! With all the needed ingredients and just a little bit of time, you can make interesting lunches your kids will want to eat.

Invite Your Kids To Help

One thing that has drastically helped with finding lunches my picky little one wants to eat is letting him choose the meals he wants to eat. When I sit down and make my meal plan for each week, I commit some time to going through recipes and looking through the grocery app to find food he wants. From there, I figure out ways to make fun and easy dishes and he comes home happy each day after school and doesn’t eat everything in my kitchen. He even helps me to prep his lunches! The benefit to this is making sure he is able to open whatever we put in that lunchbox and knows which things can be thrown away as well as which ones come home. It also teaches him how to make his own lunch for down the road!

Making Lunch Time Special

I constantly see these cute notes that parents write to their kids and put in their lunchboxes, but finding time to look up quotes and funny things to say is difficult sometimes. That’s why we want to give you a way to make your children feel special without all the effort. These cute lunchbox messages below can be downloaded by clicking here and then all you have to do is print them and send them with your child’s lunch! You also get an added blank note from Boar’s Head so you can write your own messages!

Making lunch time enjoyable for your child doesn’t have to be difficult, so keep it simple and fun. Your child will be nourished, feel loved, and have a better shot at focusing for those afternoon classes.

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