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We have a culture based around freedom and responsibility. We believe that as we grow, we should provide our employees with increased responsibility and freedom in their jobs. We aren't hung up on titles or inane conference calls. We recruit and retain best-in-class talent and regularly judge all staff by the following premise: "would we enthusiastically rehire this person?".


About SchoolStatus

SchoolStatus is a fast-growing SaaS company based in Mississippi & Atlanta, dedicated to changing education forever by providing awesome tools for the K-12 market.

We strive daily to create the best data and communication suite on the planet by partnering with schools and listening to their needs.

We are a team of devoted individuals who know our relevant areas of expertise quite well, and we also know when we need help. We believe in the power of a group of highly motivated, intelligent, and responsible folks surrounding themselves with the same type of people and seeing where it takes us.

We started out as a back-of-the-napkin idea and have blossomed into a multi-million dollar enterprise by providing amazingly useful products for our customers.

Are you ready to a part of that?