Last year, SchoolStatus, the district-wide communication and student data platform, announced the availability of contact tracing reports and tracking. The new compliance feature adheres to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines to help schools efficiently communicate if a student or faculty member tests positive for COVID-19 and monitor quarantine start and end dates. Schools will be communicating with their communities frequently. The communication needs to be more than a mass message as guardians will have questions and need rapid responses. To assist with this, we've paired these new contact tracing capabilities with our two-way communication platform to ensure that the families are informed and students are safe and comfortable in their learning environment.

School or district leaders can use SchoolStatus’ contact tracing report feature to generate a list that includes the infected student’s current schedule, names of teachers for each course in the section and names and ID numbers of all students who are also in the same sections. Adhering to CDC guidance, administrators can then communicate to those on the contact tracing report to take precautionary measures. With SchoolStatus, administrators can:

  • Obtain critical data: Administrators must find and isolate the school community who may have come in contact with someone infected or symptomatic with COVID-19. SchoolStatus pulls this data and identifies which students share the same classes or schedules. SchoolStatus also monitors individuals’ quarantine start and end dates to determine when they could potentially return to school.
  • Communicate efficiently: Using SchoolStatus’ communication tools, administrators can quickly send group communications specifically to those in the contact tracing report to alert them of potential exposure, inform best practices and outline next steps in an effort to contain a potential outbreak.
  • Maintain privacy: The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Acts require the confidentiality of students or staff members. Communications deployed through SchoolStatus are received as a one-to-one communication that enables families to reply directly and privately with questions and concerns.
  • Demonstrate compliance: Communications are logged and recorded within SchoolStatus to demonstrate appropriate school and CDC compliance.

SchoolStatus’ contact tracing feature pairs its data and communication tools to support districts in meeting CDC compliance and ensuring safe and healthy learning environments for students. To support districts’ communication efforts, SchoolStatus has prepared a Contact Tracing Toolkit which includes communication resources like contact tracing announcement templates, positive case checklist, CDC resources and more.


Communication Resources for a Great Year

Quarantine Tracking Help

Access the Quarantine Tracking support article for guidance on usage and best practices. 

Contact Tracing Report Help

Access the Contact Tracing Report support article for guidance on usage and best practices. 

Contact Tracing Announcement Template

Help your district and building-level administrators make the most out of SchoolStatus by directing them to available resources. 

Contact Tracing News Release Template

Take control of your district image with a news release announcing your proactive measures for contact tracing. 

Parent Communication Template

Keeping parents informed is more important than ever. Click here for e-mail, text, and calling templates for contacting parents. 

Positive Case Checklist 

Make sure you have your bases covered with an A-Z checklist for how to respond to positive cases within your district. 

COVID-19 Resources

Our student data analytics and parent communication tools support your goals for parent engagement and continuous learning. 

CDC Communications Resources

Social media posts, infographics, messaging, etc. Many are available in different languages.

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