As districts welcome students back for the 2020/2021 school year, whether in the classroom or online, access to accurate student data and effortless parent communication will be essential to turn chaos into continuity. SchoolStatus gives you both, and more.

Contact Tracing Reports and Quarantine Tracking

The new compliance feature adheres to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines to help schools efficiently communicate if a student or faculty member tests positive for COVID-19 and monitor quarantine start and end dates. School or district leaders can use SchoolStatus’ contact tracing report feature to generate a list that includes the infected student’s current schedule, names of teachers for each course in the section and names and ID numbers of all students who are also in the same sections. Administrators can then communicate to those on the contact tracing report to take precautionary measures. Read more about contract tracing and quarantine tracking here.

Communicate with SchoolStatus

Data-Informed Communication

In order for parents to partner with teachers, they will need to share insight and information between home and school consistently. This will require frequent and personalized communications that command parents attention. Texts, calls, and emails between school and home reach parents where they anticipate important communications, not buried within a portal or app. These exchanges are all tracked and recorded within each student's digital record for easy educator reference, compliance, and oversight.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Analyzing disparate student data from student schedules,  absences, call logs even bus routes, supports your efforts in contact tracing. Aggregated student data will help leaders spot trends and make informed decisions, especially important when traditional processes are being replaced by new and experimental models. 

Core data visualizations in SchoolStatus help district and campus-level administrators track attendance, isolate outbreaks, and justify decision making to stakeholders. 

My Schools in SchoolStatus

Watch for absence spikes when parents don’t supply information about attendance as quickly as necessary. If one campus is having more breakouts than others, they may not be adhering to guidelines as strictly as necessary—and you might have a little more lead time to warn other schools in your district of possible outbreaks.

Attendance in SchoolStatus

[Find the resources you need in the Contact Tracing Tool Kit]

Experiencing spikes in discipline?
Your school may be feeling the effects of anxiety and stress. Look for students with the most infractions to see if increased engagement with parents or guardians may be necessary.

Teacher Attendance Tracking helps principals monitor who’s out, when they are out, and how often they are out in order to budget for substitutes, budget for staff, and to make informed decisions about duty assignments. 

Teacher Attendance in SchoolStatus

Query & Report

Improve your contact tracing and mitigate future outbreaks with our Searchlight tools. 

Identify students with COVID-19 related absences, and then map those students geospatially. Identifying clusters of students in a neighborhood or on the same bus route will aid in your contact tracing, may help prevent further exposure, and support food delivery efforts.

Geospacial mapping in SchoolStatus

Use the group feature to then communicate with all stakeholders at once. Parent and guardian response messages will come back individually and be recorded and logged on each student’s personal card.

Query Builder in SchoolStatus

Student Card

The Student Card is a digital cumulative folder that exists for each and every student in your district.

Historical assessment, educator notes, engagement records and more offer insight for placing students in groups and keep your team from having to search for hard copies.

Student Card - cumulative folder in SchoolStatus

New to the Student Card is the Contact Tracing Report button.

Click to generate a list that includes the infected student’s current schedule, names of teachers for each course in the section and names and ID numbers of all students who are also in the same sections. Adhering to CDC guidance, administrators can then communicate to those on the contact tracing report to take precautionary measures.Contact Tracing Report in SchoolStatus

Engagement records including call recordings, transcripts, and text history assist educators in staying connected with families and help offer insight on engagement while remote learning.

Recorded calls ensure important information is communicated.Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 3-19-02 PM

Using SchoolStatus’ communication tools, administrators can quickly send group communications specifically to those in the contact tracing report to alert them of potential exposure, inform best practices and outline next steps in an effort to contain a potential outbreak. 



Maintaining solid engagement with parents is essential for up-to-date infection news. Leaders must inform parents as well as be informed by parents as soon as possible to prevent widespread exposure, and to make arrangements swiftly in the case of new information or emerging symptoms. SchoolStatus offers one-to-one, class, school, and district-wide communication capabilities. 

Compose, schedule and send both emergency and non-emergency communication in multiple formats with auto translate in the recipients’ preferred language.  

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 3.16.11 PM

Monitor the frequency of calls, texts and emails as well as when that communication is taking place by teacher or school. Immediately identify where adequate communication with families is not happening. 

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Maintain privacy: The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Acts require confidentiality of students or staff members. Communications deployed through SchoolStatus are received as a one to one communication which enables families to reply directly and privately with questions and concerns.


Transcription in SchoolStatus

Demonstrate compliance: Communications are logged and recorded within SchoolStatus to demonstrate appropriate school and CDC compliance.

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