Make strategic communications more efficient and safer for everyone with SchoolStatus

Integrate all your districts’ student and comms data. Send mass messages or go 1-2-1. Build reports and get data insights faster.


We track and record everything. So if a compliance claim is made, you can always refer back to the data.

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Data Integrations

Query data on teacher attendance, student discipline, and more to find areas your district can improve in.

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Digital Forms & Payments

Send forms directly to parents’ phones when you need consent, payment, signatures, updates to contact, and health information.

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Learning Loss

Use discipline and absence data to determine at-risk students and help them before it gets too late.

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Mass Messaging

Send mass text messages to parents of multiple students at once.

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It takes just minutes to build great looking, on-brand emails directly in SchoolStatus.

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Teacher Observations

TeachBoost Pro ensures that observation and evaluation plans are being carried out for district & school leaders.

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Two-way Communication

Easily call, email, and text parents from your phone or desktop using a private number.

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Video Chat

Get parents on video calls with one link sent via text. Call recordings are kept in a log.

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Stop paying for multiple school communication tools. Get everything you need from a single, manageable subscription.

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"We love that SchoolStatus is a secure, documented way to contact our students' guardians. Our teachers are able to connect and correspond with parents while administrators are able to get important information to our parents quickly, and easily. SchoolStatus has stellar support. They always go above and beyond to ensure that all of our needs are met. A top-notch group of people!"

Jill M, Technology Coordinator