Get rid of “he said, she said” parent-teacher conversations with an auditable comms trail

Send texts, emails, and call parents directly from your computer or app without using your personal number – everything is recorded to keep everyone safer.

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Parent/Teacher engagement

Features to help strengthen parent-teacher relationships

Communicate with multiple parents faster

Send mass text messages to parents of multiple students at once.

Parents don't need to download an app

Texts parents receive appear like regular text messages.

Resolve disputes and stay compliant

Every call and text is recorded if you ever need to refer back to them.

Maintain privacy with private numbers

Teachers can text parents from a private number. No need to give away personal numbers.

Language barriers won't hold you back

Emails and texts can be translated into 100+ languages. Perfect for non-English speaking students and parents.

Mass notify your colleagues faster

Notify all your colleagues of any security threats, inclement weather, or any important messages you have to share.

See how SchoolStatus can help you build a strong parent-teacher relationship

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"Great communication tool for parent-teacher conversations. I like the ease with which I can contact parents using my own personal phone without giving out my personal number. I also like the student's contacts are readily available."

Abigail S, High School Teacher