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Case Study: Galena Park ISD Data Visualization and Parent Engagement

Galena Park had been unable to combine their student data into a single view. Now the district integrates all their student data with SchoolStatus and uses the combined visualizations to make proactive decisions for their students.

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Galena Park ISD

Galena Park was the first school district to use SchoolStatus to integrate Texas student data sources. The SchoolStatus team delivered on its promise to offer a combined, visualized view of all the district’s data.

Case Study: Despite collecting large amounts of student data in multiple systems, Galena Park had been unable to combine their student data into a single view.

Galena Park ISD is a diverse school district outside of Houston, Texas serving over twenty thousand students. Some 80% of students in Galena Park ISD are economically disadvantaged and almost a third are ELL, so Galena Park’s 3,200 staff members work diligently to ensure that this generation of kids can become productive citizens regardless of starting circumstances. The district had several systems—a SIS, an LMS, and others—each with their own set of student data. The time and effort involved in cross-referencing the information in these disparate systems usually meant that it didn’t happen at all.

After implementing SchoolStatus, Galena Park can now see data trends affecting the entire district as well as having a scoped view of student data for each principal and teacher. “We have a complete student data picture, finally. It has everything in one place, students testing data, their attendance, their behavior, their grades, all in one spot”.

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