No more conflicting stories

SchoolStatus lets you record phone calls with parents and gives you the tools to improve communication with families.

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Access All District Data Together, In One Place

Integrate all your district data in SchoolStatus’ system of record.
Build visualizations and actionable insight with data drawn from their:

Student Information System

Attendance & Discipline Programs

Learning Management System

State & Local Assessments


Communication Metrics

All your student data.
Organized for when you need it most.

Track attendance, grades, discipline, and parent communication for every student in one place.


No more flipping between folders to find the information you need

Our easy-to-use interface lets you retrieve the right student information with just a few clicks


Send images with your texts to students or parents

Perfect for updating parents on a situation or reviewing a student’s paper-pencil work


Maintain work-life balance

Teachers can send texts to parents using a private number


Feel like a team with your colleagues

Administrators and principals can also access teacher call logs during parent disputes 

SchoolStatus can help you improve responsiveness with families and keep your student data better organized

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I love that I can text parents when it may be inconvenient to call. I also love that there is a record of engagement history to access past communication with parents. Being able to search for assessment results is also great.”

Brittany V, School Counselor