See What Makes Us Different
All your disjointed data points, automatically
scoped and in one place, updated in near real time.
Focus on the story behind the numbers with clear,
simple visualizations for educators at every level.
Powerful reporting capabilities across multiple
sources to easily discover the trends to make a difference.
Build stronger relationships through data-focused,
two-way conversations with all key stakeholders.
Automatic Integration
Connect disjointed data points from multiple sources and integrate them into one, easy to access place.
Data agnostic, tracks and integrates any district data sources
Student cards show ALL data in one, easy to access place
Real-time data in the hands of those who need it
Updates automatically
(nightly and scoped)
Secure bank-grade
encryption protects privacy
No additional hardware
or IT services required
“I love that SchoolStatus puts all of the different forms of data that we use into one setting.”
Sherri Evans, Barbour County School District
Clear Visualization
Understand the students behind the data at classroom, campus, and district levels. Place clear and timely metrics in the hands of those that can make the biggest difference for each student.
1. Simple diagrams combine all data to offer true holistic view of each
student (Student Card attachments include IEP, 504, RTI Plans, etc.)

2. Classroom and individual student metrics available for teacher use

3. Student and User Groups allow for custom cohort tracking over time
Begin each year with current institutional knowledge gained in previous years of instruction.
Convert cumulative folders to digital resources for expanded access.
Holistic view of students when ALL data is accessible.
“I can quickly find information about student contacts, discipline,absences, and test scores/grades to help me identify patterns of behavior and weaknesses/strengths. I have found that I can really KNOW a child a lot better through SchoolStatus.”
Lynne Schneider, Jackson Public School District
Easy Exploration
Understand aggregate behavior and academic insights in real time. Dive deeper to easily discover the trends to make a difference.
1. Side-by-side reporting for clear comparison

2. Custom At-Risk criteria provides comprehensive insight for early response

3. Support off-campus initiatives with geospatial student mapping
Identify student, classroom, campus and district-wide trends
Searchlight feature creates dynamic student lists based on specific data points
Drag-and-drop reporting utilizes ALL available data fields from multiple systems
“It simplifies class life. Can we please have a version for home life?”
Sherri Evans, Barbour County School District
Meaningful Communication
Increase communication with every parent and gain additional insights directly from the source. Connect in a way that works for both parent and educator – call, video, text, and email.
1. See all student data for more productive conversations

2. Built-in translation breaks language barriers

3. Audio recording and logging for increased professionalism, compliance, and security
Educator personal phone numbers remain private
Communication is two-way, providing a sense of ownership for all stakeholders
Video calling from anywhere eliminates scheduling conflicts
“It is an excellent way to communicate with parents because the conversations are recorded and somewhat ensures that the conversation will be respectful when difficult.”
Calvin Dixon, High School Teacher, Biloxi Public Schools

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