Your priority is the growth and achievement of all students and continuous improvement for the district. As the Accountability Director, you need to see benchmark and state data in one platform, and often in one report. SchoolStatus enables you to track student, school, and district progress from assessment to assessment. Whether you need to focus on lower performers, top achievers, or students on the cusp of the next performance level, you can quickly identify these groups and associated trends. You can also use SchoolStatus’ robust reporting feature to generate tables, charts, and graphs to share outcomes with school and district administrators.


How SchoolStatus Benefits Accountability and Assessment Directors

SchoolStatus puts assessment data at your fingertips so you can focus on analyzing rather than wrangling data. Investigate results by subject, grade, and demographic group to support and sustain achievement for all students. Use our robust reporting tools to illustrate students’ progress from fall, winter, and spring assessments, or to discover subject area weaknesses.

Tracking performance trends, whether at the student or district level, has never been easier. You can even create custom measures and fields to flag students based on your own set of criteria, and determine whether your benchmark accurately predicts students’ performance on the state assessment. We focus on integrating all of your data so you can focus on making the grade.


Benchmark Tracking helps you feel confident to build a district plan that truly supports your staff with professional development to ultimately improve student outcomes.


Integrated Assessments provide a holistic view of all student data without multiple logins.


Nightly Data Syncs means you won’t be kept waiting for the latest test scores.


Powerful Reporting with access to the SchoolStatus data science team for demonstrating the efficacy of your curriculum plan.


Digital Historical Data eliminates the need for warehousing and facilitates longitudinal analysis.


Easy Navigation helps you get answers quickly without complicated technology.

Platform Features for Accountability & Assessment Directors

Student Data Analytics

SchoolStatus integrates into your existing data platforms to provide accountability and assessment directors with a comprehensive dashboard. Quickly gather high-level insights about your school district or dive deep into individual student performance.

Parent Communication Logs

Our parent communication logs provide accountability and assessment directors with archived access to call recordings, emails, and texts. All parent-teacher communication is stored within the same platform as your student data.

Hear From High-Performing School Districts

Learn how real educators are using SchoolStatus everyday to help manage their school districts with improved efficiency, accuracy, and insights.

"SchoolStatus saves us time and money by combining our students’ data in one, easy-to-use interface."

Brian Freeman,
Superintendent Forrest County School District


Time Saver 4.1



Other Education Professionals Who Benefit from SchoolStatus


SchoolStatus helps superintendents get accurate, workable, comprehensive data within a few clicks, in an effort to improve K-12 school district performance.

Federal Program Directors

SchoolStatus helps Federal Program Directors get accurate, workable, comprehensive data within a few clicks, in an effort to improve compliance and student outcomes.

Curriculum & Instruction

SchoolStatus gives curriculum and instruction directors tools for viewing, sorting, and tracking students to see the student beyond the numbers and make decisions with confidence.


SchoolStatus integrates all student data into a digital student card, allow teachers to learn about historical assessment, benchmark data, past disciplinary issues, and more information for each student.

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