Curriculum and Instruction Directors use SchoolStatus to benchmark performance and find opportunities to improve

In many districts, Heads of Curriculum and Instruction are spending all their time collecting data and making it clean. SchoolStatus integrates all data into a single system so that they can spend more time asking the questions that matter – not chasing data

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Easy benchmarking

How Heads of Curriculum & Instruction use SchoolStatus

With SchoolStatus, Heads of Curriculum & Instruction get data on assessments, attendance, discipline, parent communication and more in a single place. That means they focus on asking deeper questions of student data, viewing causes and correlations like never before.

Benchmark Tracking

Get benchmark data to build a district plan that truly supports your staff with professional development to ultimately improve student outcomes.

Integrated Assessments

See all the assessment data for all your students without multiple logins.

Nightly Data Syncs

Everything in SchoolStatus happens in real-time so you get up to date information on everything in the school district.

Digital Historical Data

No need to keep warehousing your data with SchoolStatus. It’s all stored right in the app so you can run longitudinal analysis easily.

Easy Navigation

As well as being extremely helpful and comprehensive, SchoolStatus is also easy to use.

Powerful Reporting

Create your own reports or get support from the SchoolStatus data science team to get customized insights.

Platform Features for Heads of Curriculum & Instruction


Student Data Analytics

Integrates into your existing data platforms to provide superintendents with a comprehensive dashboard. Quickly gather high-level insights about your school district or dive deep into individual student performance.


Parent Communication Logs

Our parent communication logs help keep your school compliant with archived access to call recordings, emails, and texts. All parent-teacher communication is stored within the same platform as your student data.

See how SchoolStatus can help your district meet its goals

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What Heads of Curriculum are saying about SchoolStatus

I love that I can text parents when it may be inconvenient to call. I also love that there is a record of engagement history to access past communication with parents. Being able to search for assessment results is also great.”

Brittany V, School Counselor