With a campus bustling in activity every minute of the day, Principals need robust tools for campus supervision that are ready to work as hard as they do, on every device. 

SchoolStatus is a go-to administrative tool for principals. Designed to save you time in gathering data and answering questions, you’ll stay informed about every aspect of your campus from parent communication details to assessment scores. Make decisions based on trends you discover and feel confident that your objectives are backed by ALL your data.


How SchoolStatus Benefits Principals

With SchoolStatus, principals monitor daily attendance, parent engagement, teacher performance, and student discipline infractions with ease. With fully integrated state and benchmark assessments, discovering connections between students' performance and other factors such as attendance, behavior, and even parent communication allows principals to discover trends and plan proactively throughout the year.


Automatic Data Integration that includes assessments, benchmarks, attendance, discipline, and parent communication records gives you the full picture of your school, and each student, behind a single login.


Teacher Accounts put data in the hands of your team faster than ever with no extra work. Teachers will be adjusting lessons, modifying seating charts, and connecting with parents using the most current student data available.


Parent Communication Tools that automatically log and record conversations mean teachers will be communicating more, and you’ll be able to review records at any time for professionalism, compliance, or to prepare for unexpected parent visits!


At-Risk Module with customizable criteria alerts you earlier of students that need your attention.


Teacher Attendance keeps you informed about your team’s needs.


Mobile Communication App allows your team to reach parents at any time without revealing your personal phone number. Parent communication goes straight to phones like any other call or text.

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Customer Service that includes 24/7 Support and On-Demand Training keep your team up-to-date with benefits and features inside SchoolStatus.


Text Translations in over 100 languages mean parent communication happens without waiting on a district translator.

Platform Features for Principals

Student Data Analytics

SchoolStatus integrates into your existing data platforms to provide K-12 principals with a comprehensive dashboard. Quickly gather high-level insights about your school district or dive deep into individual student performance.

Parent Communication Logs

Our parent communication logs provide principals with archived access to call recordings, emails, and texts. All parent-teacher communication is stored within the same platform as your student data.

Hear From High-Performing School Districts

Learn how real K-12 principals are using SchoolStatus everyday to help manage their school districts with improved efficiency, accuracy, and insights.

"You could use other platforms but it's not going to give you as much information, easily accessible, at your fingertips.  If I want to get in touch with a parent and have an important conversation, an academic or behavioral conversation, I'm going to use SchoolStatus first."

Andrew Edwards, Assistant Principal



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Other Education Professionals Who Benefit from SchoolStatus

Federal Program Directors

SchoolStatus helps Federal Program Directors get accurate, workable, comprehensive data within a few clicks, in an effort to improve compliance and student outcomes.

Curriculum and Instruction Directors

SchoolStatus gives curriculum and instruction directors tools for viewing, sorting, and tracking students to see the student beyond the numbers and make decisions with confidence.


SchoolStatus helps superintendents get accurate, workable, comprehensive data within a few clicks, in an effort to improve K-12 school district performance.


SchoolStatus integrates all student data into a digital student card, allow teachers to learn about historical assessment, benchmark data, past disciplinary issues, and more information for each student.

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